Is lift ko lift kara do, say Paras Tierea residents
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Is lift ko lift kara do, say Paras Tierea residents

A lift is not working for the last 20 days in Paras Tierea

Is lift ko lift kara do, say Paras Tierea residents

Noida: The residents of Tower-29 in Paras Tierea, a residential highrise society in Sector 137, Noida are forced to manage with only one lift since July 31. Many residents have been raising their voices through Twitter and also by writing to the authorities.

They are sharing their problems due to non-functional lift in the tower.

On Thursday, a resident of the society, Satish K Mahajan tweeted, “I'm residing in Paras Tierea, Sector-137. In tower-24, one lift has been out of order since one month back resulting in the 2nd  lift being overloaded. I had filed a complaint with management but nobody bothers about it. Senior citizens and old people and patients are suffering for a long time. (sic)”

According to the residents, the lift issue has been re-occurring in society. There are approximately 4,000 flats with a population of around 15,000 residents in the society. A lift in non-functional in Tower 28 for the last 20 days.

The residents informed that there are 62 lifts in the society. The highrise towers have two lifts each. Out of that, there is one lift dedicated for vendors, goods/service providers, maids and housekeeping staff. The residents have also sent a memorandum to the Facility AGM.

Aditya Kumar Tripathi, a resident of Paras Tierea said, “We are facing the issue for the last 20-22 days and the builder's facility management is yet to confirm when it will be resolved. Another lift is also not working due to high risk and overload capacity which was somehow only functional.”

Tripathi has also written a letter to Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer, Noida on August 17 regarding the issue.

The letter read, “Out of the two lifts in the Tower 28 comprising 24th Floors above ground level with nearly 500 residents, mostly senior residents, children living in the tower are compelled to manage with only one lift from July 31. One lift is out of order for some technical snag and the maintenance agent is conveying (rather bluffing) a minimum repair time of 25 to 30 days, a ridiculous service standard against the huge common area maintenance charges collected every month from the residents.”

“There had been an incident of free-fall. We appreciate the Noida Authority’s recent initiative to hear out flat owners thrice every weak. We would, therefore, request your urgent intervention and request to schedule a meeting with us to resolve the chronic lift breakdown issues of the entire fleet of 69 lifts in Paras Tierea,” the letter mentioned.