Cycle tracks cry apathy in Noida
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Cycle tracks cry apathy in Noida

Cycle tracks are a need of the hour and its importance was again felt with a recent road accident

Cycle tracks cry apathy in Noida

Noida: Cycle tracks were inaugurated in Noida with a lot of hope in 2015. However, looking at the present state of these cycling tracks, it can be said that they have not been maintained properly. In many places, you can see encroachments on cycle tracks.

Cycle tracks are a need of the hour and its importance was again felt with a recent road accident when a speeding car hit a rider leaving him battling for life. The rider, Manish Jayal, a resident from Mayur Vihar Phase-1, recovered somehow but it brought the issue of lack of proper infrastructure in the public domain.

CitySpidey took a tour of the city to get hold of the current state of cycle tracks. The cycle track located in Sector 104 was found to be in a very bad state.

Credit: Anjali Singh

Initially, these tracks were coloured in red paint. Now the colour has literally disappeared making it difficult to demarcate the cycle track. On top of it, it was seen being used by vehicles and bullock carts. Cyclists from the city find it completely impossible to ride in these dedicated corridors created for them.

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Credit: Anjali Singh

“What we need to do is to revive the existing 46 km-long cycling tracks in Noida and also integrate these cycling tracks to make it seamless by forming loops. More cycling infrastructure with safe cycling corridors through the green lungs of Noida will help in attracting more cyclists for sure,” said Rajiva Singh, a cyclist from Noida who is also President of Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations (NOFAA).

Singh also spoke about the growing importance of cycling. “With the pandemic-induced economic slowdown and skyrocketing fuel prices, cycling to shorter distances become very meaningful. It can reduce the dependency on public transport and also help in keeping the body in good shape,” he said.

Another cyclist, Deepender Sahajpal seemed worried over the ill-management of cycle tracks in the city. He said, “The cycling lanes are mostly unplanned and have no restrictions for other traffic, making these practically unusable and dangerous.”

Many people want to commute by cycle but the absence of proper infrastructure on roads makes it difficult for them to pursue cycling.