Right lipstick speaks louder than words
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Right lipstick speaks louder than words

Lipstick creates a big difference to our look as a whole

Right lipstick speaks louder than words

There are hundreds of different lipsticks out there in varying tones and finishes, so finding one that you like best can be overwhelming. Truthfully, many shades will probably look good enough on you (which is how you end up unwittingly collecting a dozen red lipsticks), but knowing your skin's undertone can help narrow the field.

Lipstick creates a big difference to our look and it can even make us look dull if we go out in the wrong shade. So, it is really important to choose the right shade that suits us perfectly. We have got a guide for you to pick the perfect lipstick shade:

Identify your skin tone

Credit: Skintone

Look out for the perfect shade and determine what skin tone you have, there are four broad types of skin complexions – Light/Fair, Medium, Tan, Dark/Deep.

For fair and light skin tone:

It is always better to apply light pink, nude, peach and rusty red colours. They are the perfect options available for this skin tone.

For medium skin tone:

This skin is quite universal and light colours go well with this skin tone. Even dark lip tint complements this skin tone as well.

For tan skin tone:

Tan skin tone can ace coral colours like deep pink, bright red, shades of deep pink and red, and many other colours except the brown colour.

For deep and dark skin tone:

Not all colours will pop out on your lips, dark shades of lipsticks like plum, caramel, wine, and blue-based red colours will compliment your skin tone.

Check your skin undertone


Credit: Undertone

Now that you know your skin tone, understanding your undertone will help you to pick the best shade for you.

There are three kinds of undertones: Cool, warm and neutral undertones.

To check your undertone, look at the colour of your nerves. If you have blue and purple nerves then you have cool undertones whereas if you have green nerves then you have warm undertones and if you are unable to identify if it is blue, purple, or green then you have neutral undertones.

Cool undertones: There are different colours for different skin tones who have cool undertones and can choose colors accordingly:

  • Fair or light skin tone – soft pink, nude lip colour.
  • Medium skin tone – pink colour, cranberry colour.
  • Tan or deep skin tone – ruby red colour, wine colour.

Warm undertones:

  • Fair or light skin – light or pale pink, peachy pink, or coral nude colours.
  • Medium/tan or deep skin – copper or bronze brown colour.

Neutral undertones: From fair to deep skin tone, this undertone has a wide spectrum of colours, both cool and warm tones, many shades can work in this spectrum just a bit of balancing is needed.

Look at the size of your lips

Credit: Lip shape

Thin lips: It is better to avoid dark and flashy lipstick colours, these colours tend to make your lips look even thinner. Instead, you can go ahead and apply glossy or creamy lipsticks.

Plump lips: Avoid using very light shades and glossy or glittery textures. Instead go for powder or matte finish to make your look perfectly balanced.

Top-heavy lips: If you have a heavy top lip then applying a bright lipstick on the bottom of the lips and a slightly darker shade of the same colour on the upper lip will make their appearance more compact and attractive.

Bottom heavy lips: This is the perfect type of lip shape, so you can pick any colour according to your skin tone and undertone, and adding a little nude colour right in the center of your upper lip will make them look well defined.

Asymmetrical lips: This shape has a very quick tip that you just have to use a lip pencil matching your lipstick colour and simply outline your lips and make them look perfectly shaped.

Keep your hair colour in contrast

Look at your skin tone and then identify your hair colour

Credit: Lip and hair

For Dark and brown hair

Fair skin tone: Try applying pink, red, cherry, or plum colour.

Tan and deep skin tone: Go for brown and deep shades.

Medium skin tone: Go for beige, salmon pink, corals, and deep dusty pink colours.

Choose lipstick that complements your eye colours

Credit: Eye color and lip shade

Brown eyes: Different bright colours like red, pink, brown and light pink.

Grey eyes: Nude shades, peach, and plum colours go well with grey eyes.

Green eyes: Deep shades like brown and pink color compliment the eye colour.

Blue eyes: Cherry red and bright pinks give special focus to blue colour.

Check your teeth colour

Credit: Eye color and lip shade

It may sound stupid but it is important to look out at your teeth color and wear lipstick accordingly.
For white teeth, any colour will compliment your bright smile.

For yellow teeth, red rose colour, peach colour, light red colours will compliment your smile, avoiding purples, browns and bright colors can dull your smile.

So now that you know what all to look for, choose the lipstick wisely and slay.