Dwarka: Faulty street lights, dark spots not a new story in Sec 6
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Dwarka: Faulty street lights, dark spots not a new story in Sec 6

Without street lights, it is scary and dangerous to walk at night

Dwarka: Faulty street lights, dark spots not a new story in Sec 6

Dwarka: Dwarka residents and passers-by are facing inconvenience due to faulty street lights in the localities of Sector 6. The whole lane behind the market remains dark.

Residents claim that it has been months since these lights are lying dysfunctional. They also claim that several complaints have been made to the authority to get them fixed but they have fallen on deaf ears.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the street lights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

Sanjeev Arora, a resident of Sector 6, said, “The authorities should take action on this. After sunset, it’s so dark and unsafe to go out.”

Dark lane in sector 6, Dwarka

A group of senior citizens from Kalka Apartments, Sector 6 are badly agitated. For the past one month, they are forced to discontinue their late evening stroll in the backside lane of the society.

Their post-dinner walk is entrapped by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the authority where city building has been an unending process. Street lights provided by DDA have become non-functional, which might be due to incessant rains last month.

Dark lane in sector 6, Dwarka

President of Kalka Apartment, SS Rawat has knocked on all the doors but all in vain. He said, “There is no one in DDA to give an ear to this isolated issue. For DDA, half the sub-city is in dark. How can they differentiate?”

PK Chopra, a resident of Kalka Apartments, Sector 6 said, “Though the local councillor is sympathetic as the area falls under her jurisdiction but unfortunately not the electricity wing of the service provider who has to undertake repair of the faulty lines. It takes time for DDA to wake up.”

Dark lane in sector 6, Dwarka

There are no lights and those which had probably been installed some time back are not working and have not been repaired yet. Such dark and unguarded spaces are favourite places for trouble makers, drug addicts and drunkards.

Yogesh Dhall from Sabka Ghar society in Sector 6, said, “The thing we are witnessing behind our society at the approach road to Sector 6 DDA plaza park starting from Som Apartments up to the backside of RD Apartment is that the entire stretch is without light for ages. Hope the same is looked at sooner than feeling sorry later.”

Madhu Verma, Secretary, Daffodils Apartment in Sector 6 said, “The High Master lights in the Daffodils CGHS is not functioning for the last few days and the areas covered by it are in complete darkness. This may lead to serious security problems in the society.”

The authorities should immediately install lights and ensure adequate illumination in the evenings and nighttime.