Deck up your house with these water plants
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Deck up your house with these water plants

Water plants at your home serve not only aesthetic purposes, but also lead to less pest problems

Deck up your house with these water plants

If you are looking for plants to grow in water or planning an aqua garden, you have landed in the right place. Water plants can be the perfect element to your home as they demand less maintenance and are easy to arrange around our house.

Plants in the house can help to reduce stress and create a balance in your life. Plants create a positive atmosphere. It also improves the mood and boosts the healing process. 

Moreover, having water plants at home has added benefits. You will face less pest problems, water plants need less attention and are flexible to grow in different environments. 

Here are a few water plants and a guide for you to understand how to take care of them.

Lucky bamboo


Having a lucky bamboo plant will keep the air of your house neat and clean as it is known as a natural air purifier. As the name suggests, this plant is believed to bring good fortune according to vastu. Dracaena sanderiana is its botanical name and here are some tips on how to take care for lucky bamboo:

  • Make sure the roots of the plants are properly dipped in water otherwise it can get dry and die. 
  • Place the plant in a clear/ transparent glass vase , most preferably a narrow vase according to the size of the plant. Clear vase will help you know if it is growing properly, and have enough water. 
  • This indoor plant should be placed in indirect light .
  • Keep changing the water within 3-4 days for its healthy growth. 
  • If your plant keeps slipping and not being able to stand properly you can add gravel for its firm position.
  • To attract good fortune, place this plant in the south-east or east direction of your house. 


Credit: Pinterest

Decorate your study table with pothos as it will create a warm green environment around you while studying and will help to increase your focusing power.

This is another water plant to grow easily. They help to eliminate the odour and are helpful in getting rid of eye irritation after spending a long tiring day in front of your computer and mobile screens.

Having this plant in the office can be really beneficial as it creates a relaxing environment. Botanical name of the glossy heart shaped plant is Epipremnum aureum. It is another plant to bring good fortune in your life.

Here are some suggestions on how to take care of your plant.

  • Keep this plant under the bright, indirect light and not in direct sunlight. 
  • Pothos will stay healthy above the 15 degree celsius temperature.
  • Wipe the leaves of the plant regularly with soft hands else it can break down.
  • To keep it pest free, you can use neem oil as well.
  • Change the water after every few days ( 4-5) days, keep checking the roots of your plant if they are growing in a healthy manner or not. 
  • If your leaves are turning yellow and stems black, check the amount of water, maybe you are overwatering the plant.

Spider Plant

Credit: Pinterest

These are the best plants to remove toxic chemicals from air like carbon monoxide and xylene. This plant helps to release stress and maintain better concentration. This can be a good choice for a water garden as it also helps in absorption of ozone. Once they root , you can convert it into a soil plant or you can continue to grow it in water. Botanical name of this plant is Chlorophytum comosum. Here are some of the tips for the spider plant to grow in a better way : 

  • It is the best choice to keep it in the office as it only requires less light / indirect light to grow and most of the office areas are less bright. 
  • Keep changing its water in 3-4 day to keep it fresh, and it can be a great choice for a decoration piece on a coffee table. 
  • Suitable temperature for this plant is 21 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius.

Paper white plant

Credit: Pinterest

If you want to have flowers in your water garden . Paper white is the great choice, white flowers grow on this plant in summer and look very refreshing.

Botanical name of this plant is Chlorophytum comosum, here are some of the tips to care for them : 

  • You can add pebbles and little soil in it, to keep the plant placed in the proper position. 
  • Keep them in bright light and the plant will start budding flowers after 4-5 weeks. 
  • Do not fill the jar or vase fully,in which you have planted flowers. Keep more than half a vase filled with water.  


Credit: Pinterest

This plant is possible to grow in soil and water both. Keep them in a transparent vase and it will look beautiful in your dining area. Its botanical name is also Begonia. 

Here are some of the suggestions to take care of it: 

  •  They can handle the heat of the day and also grow in low shade, just make sure they are kept in fresh air , and place them near windows. 
  •   Keep check of its water if it is not dirty and change its  water every 4-5 days.