Supertech Capetown: Frequent water sprinkler burst reported from flats
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Supertech Capetown: Frequent water sprinkler burst reported from flats

Suman Modi was shocked after the fire sprinkler burst in her living room of the apartment

Supertech Capetown: Frequent water sprinkler burst reported from flats

Noida: We all enjoy showers for a quick bath but what if the showers splash your drawing room or living room area instead of bathrooms? Yes, this is what which has been happening with the residents of Supertech Capetown, a residential highrise society located at Sector 74, Noida for months  now.

On Friday, Suman Modi, a resident of Supertech Capetown was shocked after the fire sprinkler burst in her living room of the apartment.

“I was not in my living room at that time, I was in the balcony when I heard a plink sound of water. I came inside to see. The fire sprinkler burst has incurred heavy losses to me and the maintenance  team was not at all helpful. I was calling the maintenance team for an hour and a half in a worried condition. They came afterwards when my apartment was flooded. It happened around 3 pm,” said Modi.

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“The guard from my tower was very helpful, he came and rescued my flat after closing the pipe which immediately stopped the water flow. Thankfully, my children were not at home. But what if they were present here. I have a small baby and I can’t imagine what would have happened. My packing materials were all washed away. My work is related to packing and decoration. My decoration items got damaged, for which I have lost around Rs 20,000,” said she said.

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According to the residents, this is happening every month in different flats. However, no positive action has taken place in spite of so many complaints and incidents.

“Because of the poor quality of construction equipment used by Supertech builder, every month we witness 2-3 such incidents in different flats. Flat owners have to bear the loss of thousands of their  precious goods like beds/sofa and other fine furnishings. We have requested CEO Noida to get the audit of Capetown by IIT Delhi,” said Arun Sharma, AOA president.

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On August 26, a similar incident of fire sprinkler burst occurred around 1.30 pm in the drawing room of AK Gupta.

“By chance I had returned from my Gurugram trip in the morning at 9.30 am. It was terrible to witness the incident. The fire sprinkler burst resulted in gushing of black water all over, damaging everything in the drawing room for 15-20 minutes before help reached us with great efforts of my  daughter who came with us to drop here. The entire house was flooded with dirty black water damaging my sofa, upholstery/curtains, TV, ceiling fans, wooden settee etc,” said Gupta.

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“Besides damages, financial and mental trauma, the main question is how the sprinkler burst took place. The quality of the sprinkler is in question. Is it ISI approved or local? It was not even replied today by the management; perhaps they don't have an answer to it. The quality of materials used was substandard and we as senior citizens here are at their mercy and a sense of fear always  remains at the back of mind,” he said.

“No basement 2 parking is available even after two years of occupation. The water quality is very poor. Only underground water is being supplied and it is causing depletion of water table. There are also constant seepage issue, electric being overcharged, plastering defects, thinner outer walls against norms of building code. There is no thorough passage for fire tender to move around in case of emergency,” Gupta added.

“It happened 5-6 months ago at our flat and we had to bear a loss of approximately Rs 20,000. Entire room had to be repainted and bed sheets, pillows and mattresses were replaced as dirty water was coming out of the burst sprinklers. These incidents have become quite common and cause a lot of financial loss and huge mental distress to the families,” said Sachin Singla, another resident of the society.