Supertech Capetown: Water pipe leaks in basement
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Supertech Capetown: Water pipe leaks in basement

According to the residents, the condition of the basement is the same for the last six years

Supertech Capetown: Water pipe leaks in basement

Noida: Residents of Supertech Capetown, a residential society in Sector 74, Noida raised an issue of leakage through a water pipe in basement 1, on Saturday.

They also shared a tweet, “Why RC not issued to Supertech GH01A Sec74 for water dues Rs.10.39 cr  Noida letter 2021/326/ 19.8.2021. Issue RC to Supertech for 10.39 cr &  issue 3884 connection as per CC/OC. Supertech supplies 2000 TDS water  to 25000 people of Capetown.”

They shared that in January 2021, the Noida Authority had inspected and written a letter to Supertech builder about a leakage from 20-25 points. According to the residents, from the last six years, the condition of the basement is the same. They have to park their vehicle under the leaking pipes.

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Arun Sharma, AOA president shared, “We have complained many times but the condition of the basement is the same. The water quality in society is not good and the TDS meter records the water quality at 2170 ppm.”

Anup Bhatnagar, one of the residents, shared a tweet, “Still do not know why Noida Authority can’t help residents to get potable water in their society? Whereas they paid money to Ganga water, Day by day residents are losing confidence in the system and Government authorities. Please help us with water availability, registry of flats etc.”

Ashim Mishra, a resident said, “The water overflows through the pipe during the rainy season. There is pressure in that pipe. There is a leakage and the whole basement is flooded by the water. After the rain, you have to open up your shoes and you have to take your pants up. It is very difficult to walk in the basement.”

Mishra added, “We have to park our cars under the leaking pipes. Due to which, the paint of the cars is affected.”

The Facility team’s representative said, “Due to heavy rain, this incident happens. Most of the time, there was garbage or napkins that came into the pipe with water, due to which blockage happened. It is part of maintenance and will be repaired as soon as possible.”