Teachers are builders of the Nation: Vandana Yadav, a state awardee teacher
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Teachers are builders of the Nation: Vandana Yadav, a state awardee teacher

By using black and white colours teachers can make students' lives colourful

Teachers are builders of the Nation: Vandana Yadav, a state awardee teacher

“Building the nation with grooming the kids has been my passion since childhood and so I chose the teaching profession. I am playing my role honestly and feeling happy that I am in building the nation,” expressed Vandana Yadav after being selected for the State Honour on the occasion of Teacher’s Day for her contribution in education.

Vandana is an English teacher at Pochanpur, Dwarka Sector 23 Delhi Government School who is among the 122 teachers being honoured on the occasion of Teacher’s Day by Delhi Government. City Spidey had a talk with Vandana as a tribute to all the teachers working to shape the future of the Nation.

Vandana shared glimpses of her teaching journey and her life. She got inspiration from her parents and her only goal was to become a teacher. She shared, “ My journey as a teacher started from my childhood. I imbibed the qualities of a teacher from my parents, both mother and father were teachers.”  

She resides in Gurugram in a joint family with her husband Vidya Sagar, a corporate professional, son Tushar, an engineering student and daughter Poorva, a student of class 11th. She manages her family and teaching career together and tries to be her best at both. She said, “I live in a joint family. Between 4.30 am to 11.00 pm, I easily manage my family responsibilities and teaching. My family members are very supportive so it is manageable. Being a teacher I feel that one can do the best in family and society both.” As a teacher, Vandana has done exceptional in her journey. She gave 100% results in all classes with 32% distinctions in board exams. Her students brought laurels at district and state level and since her joining in 1999 she has not taken any type of leave except casual leave.

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For Vandana, teaching is something that makes her life complete. Her journey in teaching in the last two decades has been full of challenges. Once she helped a girl who was about to leave her academics due to some family and financial crisis. In her words, it was one of the moments of life when she saved the career of a girl. 

“Once a few years back a girl of class 9th was about to leave the school due to her financial problem. Her parents engaged her in household work and stopped her schooling. I had a counseling session with them. I myself supported the girl with all stationary items and her parents agreed to continue her studies. After that, she passed class 12th with flying colours. I felt proud for my efforts in promoting Girl Child Education,” said Vandana with a satisfaction on her face.

Vandana said that, for a teacher the most important aspect is to understand student's psychology and their different background, their basic learning needs and their fulfillment. “Only by doing these we can make them good human beings and in turn, they can build a good nation. I perceive this aspect by building a healthy connection with them. They feel free in talking with me and I try my best to help them”, she said.

Talking in depth about the crisis for students in a pandemic, she said, “As I am working in a Government School, I have to deal mostly with the students having less resources. In this pandemic it was very difficult to connect with them. I approached an NGO which paid their fees and supported them by donating stationary items. I myself recharged the mobile phones of many students and helped them for their basic needs. Being a teacher, you not only have to teach but love them and be more than an academic guide,” Vandana expressed.

Vandana believes that a teacher is always the one who keeps learning throughout life. She believes that a teacher owns a goal to do what is best possible for students. “I keep learning and using new pedagogical skills to help my students in gaining quality learning. As much as you read you develop your skills. As much as you get skilled you do better and so your impact is in making students good human beings,” she said.

Vandana, apart from her teaching life and family life possesses her hobbies too. She is fond of writing. She presents her written poems on special occasions in school. In her words, “I motivate the budding poets and poetesses.” Her book, a collection of her poems, has been  published with the title 'Dhool hai to kya'.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Vandana gives a message, “Teachers are the backbone of society. By using black and white colours they can make students' lives colourful. So our society should give respect to teachers." 

“I am being honoured by the state government for my hardwork and dedication not only in academics but in all round development of students”, she added.