How is pandemic ageing us
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How is pandemic ageing us

Taking stress can accelerate the ageing process

How is pandemic ageing us

Is pandemic really ageing you? Do you feel yourself growing a little too fast? Well, you are not alone. The pandemic is ageing us rapidly. Nevertheless, 2020 may have felt like the most extended year in everybody's life. Between the constant stress of the pandemic, frequent online meetings, more screen time, and many sleepless nights, people have complained about the dullness of their glowing skin, dark circles, wrinkles and joint pains they faced in their early 30's while staying at home, aged them in specific different ways.

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Studies have shown the share amount of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression during the Covid-19 pandemic. Young adults have also faced depression, anxiety and sleep disruptions. All these combined factors had collectively led to the rapid increase of ageing mentally and physically.

Let's look into the reasons why is it happening:


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 Studies have shown that taking stress can accelerate the ageing process, and chronic stress can increase the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Sedentary lifestyle

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 All the work from home, zoom meetings, or other meetings have become part of the sedentary lifestyle. Sitting down for significant periods isn't only awful for your digestion; it can make you age faster as well. Researches during pandemics have tracked down that sitting for at least 10 hours per day without normal exercise can make an individual's cells age rapidly.

You have been inside too much

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It's possible to have an overdose of something that is otherwise good — in any event, investing energy in your own home. The initial few weeks of staying at home, lockdown, and social separating were great for some. You are wearing sweatpants the entire day, watching the best shows on Netflix or working from home for the whole of the day. Yet, as weeks transformed into months, a large number of us become habitual of all the activities. The blue rays coming directly from your computers, laptops, mobiles, and televisions result in premature ageing and hyper pigmentation on the skin.

How can you prevent this?

Healthy eating

Start taking a balanced diet including all the carbs, fats, proteins, fibres, cereals etc. Eating healthy not only slows down your ageing process but also makes your mind healthy and fit. Once you start eating healthy, you'll crave less junk food. However, junk food or fast foods are not suitable for your body and mind. They tend to make you sluggish.

More water intake

We know it's not difficult to act more like a camel when you're centred around shuffling different things or changing directly from espresso to mixed drinks. If you think it is trying to remain very much hydrated, approximately 91 ounces each day, apart from food and beverages, depending on the person.

Plan your activities!

  • Walk or cycle, and leave the vehicle at home.
  • For longer excursions, walk or cycle mostly.
  • Utilise the steps rather than the lift or elevator, or possibly stroll up the ride.
  • Park further away from any place you're proceeding to walk the remainder of the way.
  • Work out what amount of time it requires for you to walk one kilometre.

Correct your sleep cycle

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Dozing more is undoubtedly quite tricky, yet it's definitely worth the work — to minimise untimely maturing, further develop insomnia, overthinking and disposition, assist with forestalling a few ongoing illnesses, and support emotional wellness, per the sleep cycle.

Stay healthy and fresh!!

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