Different kind of 'greens' trouble in GreNo West
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Different kind of 'greens' trouble in GreNo West

According to the residents, street vendors put up vegetable markets on Mondays and Thursdays

Different kind of 'greens' trouble in GreNo West

Greater Noida: The weekly markets have encroached upon a green area stretch outside La Residentia and Amrapali Dream Valley in Tech Zone IV, Greater Noida West. According to the residents, street vendors put up vegetable markets on Mondays and Thursdays.

Sumil Jalota, a resident of La Residentia tweeted, “@OfficialGNIDA @nbhooshan Sir illegal Sabzi Mandi is being put up on the green area stretch outside La Residentia, this area has recently been planted with grass! If no action is taken the grass will die out in a few days! (sic)”

Cityspidey talked to Jalota to understand his concerns. He said, “We had been requesting for months to GNIDA for grass plantation on the sides of the roads which will prevent dust pollution during the dry seasons. Finally, they heeded and started grass plantation next to almost all roads, however, just after two weeks of that, the illegal vegetable market is back, and is damaging the grass before it even grows on both sides of the roads!

Residents demanded that the illegal market should be shifted a bit further on the road at a place that is not near the boundary of any society. Kapil Singh from GNIDA Horticulture Department had called me after I raised this issue. He said that they will come and sort it out.

“Every person living in a locality wants his environment to be as best as it can get but sadly for the residents of La Residentia, the things are changing for the worse. Society is already in shambles due to the acts of the builder who promised 'luxury within reach' but the residents have to fight for basic amenities. The latest issue is the green area being developed on both sides of the road in front of the society and the relocation of the weekly vegetable market,” said Pratyush Singh, a resident of the society.

He also added, “The residents of the society have on numerous occasions complained about the dust which comes out on both the sides of the road and how it contributes to the pollution in the area, especially affecting people with breathing issues. Apart from this, the weekly market has led to the area becoming unhygienic and pathetic to live in, with increased instances of chain snatching.”

“Among other issues, the weekly market leads to frequent traffic jams on an otherwise clear road. The major issue that irks the residents including me is majorly the ones that contribute to various diseases including vector-borne diseases. These are pandemic times and the health of the residents must be kept on the highest priority,” he said.

He continued, “One of our fellow residents, Sumil Jalota even wrote to the authorities in June pertaining to the development of the green area on both sides of the road on which the action was taken towards the end of August.”

Despite being asked not to set up the market in front of the society in the newly developed green area, the market was set up again on Monday which has irked the whole society. The residents have protested against it and are in favour of relocation of the weekly market to a more suitable place where the health risks can be reduced.