Casa Woodstock: Residents angered over ill-maintenance of basement
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Casa Woodstock: Residents angered over ill-maintenance of basement

Residents allege poor quality of construction for bad state of the basement

Casa Woodstock: Residents angered over ill-maintenance of basement

Greater Noida: Around 1,000 residents living in Casa Woodstock, Gaur City 2, Greater Noida West, are facing challenges due to the bad condition of the basement. According to the residents, this issue is caused due to poor quality of construction and the absence of an effective drainage system to take care of the waterlogging.

The residents approached an engineer for inspection of the flooring of the car parking space in the lower and upper basement floor. After the inspection, the engineer suggested several recommendations as there were many major defects. Cityspidey talked to some residents to know their concerns.

Rajesh Ranjan, a resident of the society, said, “The condition of basement 1 & 2  is worst, as there is no proper drainage system. Due to the lack of waterproofing, more than 60 per cent kota stones are broken. No proper parking space was allotted to society and due to this, the mess occurred. Due to waterlogging, the basement became the breeding ground for different types of disease.”

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“The basement became the dumping yard for builders and all unnecessary equipment, dust, and garbage is dumped in the basement. More than that, other waste materials are also being dumped in the basement. STP is placed in basement 2. It is being operated in open. It also stinks a lot,” he said.

Govind Dixit, a resident of the society, said, “I am living in the society since 2018. So far, many of the promises were not fulfilled by the builder. You can see the condition of the basement. Tiles are broken, water is leaking, parking is not allotted, STP is not working, fire fighting system not working and CCTV cameras are not working. We protested a couple of years back, the police came and the builder agreed on all these things which he promised at the time of booking.”

“But till now, the condition is the same. Apart from these, there are many other problems: the swimming pool is not working, indoor games are not provided yet, he did not provide salary to staff. They affect overall society maintenance and security. People are getting stuck frequently in lifts. Waterproofing is not done. The drainage system is not working properly. But the builder got all clearance from authorities,” he said.

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Another resident, Anupam Shah said, “As per society people, they want full RCC replacement in the basement as they have no other choice. They want a  permanent solution. Maintenance of the basement is very poor and due to which, the society is facing issues.”

“I shifted to this society in 2019 and till now, the residents are getting a baseless response from the builder on society issues. The builder is not giving a deadline regarding when the issue will be resolved. We have got the inspection of our society by the civil engineer in which the engineer concluded that the work hasn't been done properly,” said Maheep Sahay, another resident of the society.

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City spidey talked to the Project Manager Khurshid from the builder side to know his views, he said, “The basement work is still going on, due to weather, the work is getting impacted but it will be done soon. We cannot say when it is going to be completed but the work is going on.”

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