World Heart Day: Need to connect
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World Heart Day: Need to connect

In general, staying connected can help one to keep their heart healthy

World Heart Day: Need to connect

“This day is a reminder to sensitize our role in protecting our heart, as it is always indulged in performing tireless activities,” said Dr Col Anil Dhall on the significance of World Heart Day. The day is observed to spread awareness on the heart. On this occasion, CitySpidey interacted with eminent cardiologist Dr Dhall on Facebook.

This year, the theme for World Heart Day is “connect to protect”. Providing connections to people, to protect the heart. Dr Dhall also shared that landmark events related to health have happened recently to bring changes in society, for example, the release of national telemedicine practice guidelines on 23rd March and the release of national digital health mission footprints by the Prime Minister of India on September 27. This will contain all the health records of everyone online.

Regarding this year’s theme “connect to protect”, Dr Dhall said cardiologists need to have community connections to serve on a larger level. “In general, staying connected can help one to keep their heart and overall health healthy," said Dr Dhall.

He mentioned that 85 per cent of people are affected due to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease highlighting the need to breathe clean air and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This can help to prevent heart diseases.

The conversation also raised an interesting topic of how technology and health can go hand in hand, for example when smartwatches and even mobile phones come with a variety of services to record heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and much more. Thus enhancing access, compliance, detection and treatment.

Dr Dhall emphasised risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, diet, alcohol and physical inactivity. They discussed precaution, treatment and lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the complete video to acquaint yourself with important matters of the heart.