GreNo West: Residents demand robust traffic management
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GreNo West: Residents demand robust traffic management

NEFOWA members met DCP Traffic to discuss traffic issues in Greater Noida West

GreNo West: Residents demand robust traffic management

Greater Noida: The members of The Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA) on Wednesday met DCP Traffic Ganesh Saha in Sector 14A, Noida, and demanded to strengthen the traffic management system in Greater Noida West. Being busy with some other program, DCP Traffic directed Traffic Inspector (TI) Ravindra Vashistha to meet the residents. NEFOWA members met Vashishth and discussed the traffic anomalies of Greater Noida West and their possible solutions.

Members of NEFOWA meet DCP Traffic Ganesh Saha

NEFOWA Senior Vice President Manish Kumar shared that the residents of Greater Noida West are continuously facing problems. He said that new malls, markets and offices are also opening. Vehicles and traffic are also increasing on the roads of Greater Noida West.

“There has been a substantial increase in the traffic on the roads, but in proportion, the increase in the number of traffic police personnel in order to strengthen the traffic system has not happened. Despite repeated complaints to the traffic police through Twitter and WhatsApp groups, the traffic police seem to be unable to find any solution,” Kumar said.

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At present, only 8-10 traffic police are normally deployed in the Greater Noida West area, out of which there is provision for permanent deployment of four traffic police personnel at Charmurti, two at Itehra roundabout, two at Hanuman Mandir roundabout and two at Shahberi. Despite several requests, the number of permanent traffic police personnel in Greater Noida West has not been increased.

NEFOWA members Manish Tripathi, Sunil Sachdev and Rakesh Ranjan told TI Vashisht that the haphazard parking in front of Gaur City Mall and near Mahagun Mywoods Market in Sector 16C is a major concern for residents of the area.

Apart from this, wrong side driving is rampant at many important places near Palm Olympia and Exotica near Dreamville U-turn; near Gaur City 1 Gate; Ekmurti roundabout; Itehra roundabout; near Roza Yakubpur rotary, Sector 16B; Artha SEZ on either end of the roundabout; Balak Inter College roundabout; and Amrapali Mall Rotary. Auto-rickshaw drivers also indulge in arbitrariness because of the lack and inaction of the traffic police. Most auto drivers drive on the wrong side.

NEFOWA demanded permanent deployment of traffic police personnel to prevent vehicles from being parked in front of malls and markets. Restriction on overloaded and polluting dumpers and trucks and no entry rules should be strictly followed. Along with this, to motivate the traffic police personnel to discharge their duties diligently throughout the day, the residents demanded efficient and extensive deployment of traffic police personnel.

Regarding the arrangement of towing van, TI Ravindra Vashistha said that it is the job of the authority to arrange the towing van, along with it, it is also the authority's responsibility to provide a proper place to keep the towed vehicles at a safe place. He gave assurance to increase the deployment of traffic police personnel in Greater Noida West.