Kake-Da-Hotel: From Lahore to Delhi
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Kake-Da-Hotel: From Lahore to Delhi

This simple unassuming eatery is a destination of not rich foods, but equally rich history

Kake-Da-Hotel: From Lahore to Delhi

Kake-Da-Hotel is located in the heart of Connaught Place, Delhi. They have been serving their legendary food since 1931. This simple unassuming eatery is a destination of not rich food, but equally rich history.

Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra started this Delhi's favourite in the lanes of Lahore, Pakistan. Following the partition, he relocated to Delhi and restarted his shop in 1948. Following the death of Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra, his son, Captain Arun Chopra, took charge of the shop.

You will be amazed to see the long queues outside this eatery during lunch and dinner time. People wait for their turns to have their alluring food. The main highlight of this place is that you won't find a single dish without desi ghee. All the items are solely prepared in pure ghee.

The assortment of flavors at Kaka-Da-Hotel

While being situated in Delhi, they have brought Punjab in their menus. Punjabi Saag Meat, Saag Chicken, among other items. The dal makhani is slow-cooked overnight on a charcoal fire fascinating the nose. Being the oldie among many eateries in the entire Connaught place, this place has its charm. It is always a little overcrowded with its loyal customers who travel miles to have the taste of its food.

Kake Da Hotel has been serving India's eminent politicians, entertainments, and business persons. Some of the personalities, who have visited this legendary restaurant include Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Ex-Prime Minister of India), Lalu Prasad Yadav (Ex Railway Minister), Rajendra Singh Bedi (Late Renowned Writer), Jitendra (Bollywood Actor), Dara Singh (Late Renowned Wrestler & Actor), Khali (Renowned Wrestler) and Daler Mehandi (Punjabi Pop Singer).

Kake-Da-Dhaba believes that food brings joy in everybody's lives. It is an inherent part of their history, culture, and identity. They have sourced out the best ingredients that add richness to their dishes. The vendors were handpicked at the beginning of their journey after the deadly partition in India in the year 1948.

Each dish is lovingly cooked in the most hygienic environments with unique spices. You can smell the aroma of spices from their curries; their taste of food has not changed since the beginning. Their curries still taste the same.

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They serve the best Dhaba style chicken curry, butter chicken and mutton curry in town. It's a real feast for non-vegetarians. Here, they have lip-smacking vegetarian food too. Their entire food is worth every penny, and one more thing about this eatery is that it is pocket-friendly. The Dhaba is here to serve you the best Punjabi food without giving you any headaches about heavy bills. Do not get overwhelmed by the crowd as their food is worth your wait.