Savor Flavors of Genuine Maharashtrian Cuisine Here in Delhi
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Savor Flavors of Genuine Maharashtrian Cuisine Here in Delhi

The state canteen is among the top destinations for Maharashtrian food

Savor Flavors of Genuine Maharashtrian Cuisine Here in Delhi

Now, we're battling Bombay head-on. Here in the heart of India's food capital, we are claiming fantastic Maharashtrian cuisine for Dilliwale. If you didn't think Delhi had everything, check out this list of the top Maharashtrian places. We have something for any craving and we're not ashamed to showcase our sophisticated and affordable options.

Maharashtra Sadan

Outside are grand domes, and inside are casually comfortable. The state canteen is among the top destinations for Maharashtrian food.  Here, you may be sure to get tasty, genuine Marathi food. Their Marathwada, Parsi, and non-vegetarian thalis are all must-haves. If you want to try them all at once as we did, make sure you go in a group!

Location: Kasturbha Gandhi Marg, behind Baroda House

Credit - Niraj Patil

Maharashtra Food Stall

Let's start with Dilli Haat, a location renowned for mastering state cuisines. You can get Marathi clothing as well, so it's not only limited to food. Our favorite dish from any cuisine that is nutritious and delicious is their sabudana khichdi! The atmosphere is one of cultural diversity and positive experiences. Here, it's not unusual to see homesick Marathis inhaling missal pao.

Location: Dilli Haat, INA


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Credit - tripadvisor

Community curries

One of the top Maharashtrian restaurants in Delhi is this tiny takeaway store. Besides Bengali, it also offers Chettinad, Andhra, Kashmiri, and Rajasthani. But, the Marathi Gauti Chicken is their best offering. It's too amazing to pass up, and since they deliver hot and fresh, you don't have to!

Location: GK 2, Savitri


An appropriate and clear selection. Simply said, their presentation fills the hungry with images. Here, everything appears magical. We wished the portions were a little bit bigger, or perhaps it was that we couldn't get enough. One of the top Maharashtrian restaurants serves amazing Shrewsbury Biscuit, Irani Chai, and Eggs Kejriwal in true Bambaiya fashion (not the same Kejriwal).

Location: Khan Market and CyberHub 

Credit - dineout

Jhakkas Bombay Pav Bhaji 

We wouldn't have it any other way, but one of the best Maharashtrian restaurants is entirely vegetarian. The famous cheese pav bhaji that we previously had to travel to Maharashtra for is available there. They have succeeded in putting the spirit and authenticity of the state on a plate for us, which is something we didn't think would ever be possible. Just be grateful for us.

Location:  E-20, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2


One of the best brunch spots in Maharashtra is here. Vada pao and poha are tasty and light. As the name implies, they are drawn to outstanding tadkas in the Dilli style. They feature standing tables and offer speedy delivery. They also have lovely packaging.

Location: Janakpuri, District Center, Sagar Tower, G-4/12