Aishwaryam Society: Residents run out of patience with long-pending issues
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Aishwaryam Society: Residents run out of patience with long-pending issues

Residents are also demanding the tri-party meeting with the authority and the builder

Aishwaryam Society: Residents run out of patience with long-pending issues

Greater Noida: Residents of Aishwaryam Society, Greater Noida West, have been regularly raising the issue of the poor state of infrastructure in the society. Residents are also demanding a tri-party meeting with the authority and the builder.

Seepage is a long standing issue

They said that despite assurance from Greater Noida Authority's PRO Arvind Singh to CitySpidey, the date for the tri-party meeting has not been confirmed.

Residents shared a tweet

Residents alleged that many times the supply of water was stopped by the builder. The condition of the lift and the basement are becoming pathetic by every passing day. The seepage and the plaster fall is a daily activity in society. The problem of water leakage through the pipe was never solved. They said that the garbage was dumped in the basement parking lot and there is no exhaust fan, which makes it difficult to stand there.

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Moreover, they added that the roads of the basement are in very bad condition. The drains are open. The waste from the flats is not collect on time. The air conditioner in the clubhouse and the gym has been dysfunctional for many days. Residents shared that the builder takes maintenance charges but there is no improvement in the society. There is seepage in the pillars of the basement and on the towers which affected the structure.

Residents shared that even after the fire audit by Chief Fire Inspector, there is no improvement. Society has inadequate fire control instruments. They asked that who will take the responsibility in case of any incident.

Arnimesh Kumar, AOA president of the society said, “Residents purchased the flats in the hopes of getting a premise which will have at least basic amenities with sound infrastructure and has paid and is paying heavy maintenance to the builder but there is no proper maintenance service provided by the builder. The drains should be covered across the entire premise and pose threats for the residents.”

Zuheab, a resident of Tower A, shared that there is no proper rain harvesting system, sewage treatment plant, waste treatment plant and organic waste converter. The drains are not covered. During the rainy season, the rainwater gets logged into the society which may cause the disease. Water, which is the main resource, is unmaintained. The water treatment plant needs to be rectified to implement water softeners along with proper auditing on the legal number of borewells in place and are functional with competent government authorities.

Pranav, a resident from Tower E, shared, “The waste collected from different homes in the society is segregated in the basement of the tower. Such stench and unhygienic conditions can lead to a disease outbreak. Moreover, the water treatment plant needs to be rectified.”

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