Winters cometh: Here are street fashion trends to follow
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Winters cometh: Here are street fashion trends to follow

Scroll on down below for all the trendy winter fashion ideas you’ll need

Winters cometh: Here are street fashion trends to follow

It is that confusing time of the year when you are constantly juggling between pre-winter and summer clothes, however, it is also indicative of the winters knocking. You've come to the right place if you're counting down the days until the cold breeze and looking for some new update to your winter wardrobe.


Rock the winters with dark denim as this look is a combination of effortless chic styling of monochrome denim and a subtle laidback vibe for a fun day out or an evening with your friends. With retro fashion on the rise, you can try a '70s-inspired jumpsuit, cinched at the waist and ballooning from the knee for an elongated silhouette. Play with cutouts, skin-tight shapes and everything in between.

Capes and Ponchos

Ponchos and capes are a brilliant choice for layering in cold weather. While they've been around for centuries, they have also been going in and out of fashion and have made a comeback recently. The beauty of ponchos and capes lies in the versatility. You can pair them with a monochrome ensemble and brown knee boots. Because of the baggy shape, you can clinch in your waist with a belt, let it hang loose, and pair it with a statement accessory like a wide-brimmed hat or statement handbag.


All snow bunnies, unite! the sweaters are all about staying warm, whether you're lounging by the fire or hitting the slopes. Dress warmly in knitted loungewear, padded ski suits, and layers – this will  keep you warm while you soak up the winter sun.

Cozy Hoodies

Hoodies are the winner when it comes to winter apparel. They are one of the most comfortable and stylish winter clothes. Another great thing about hoodies is that they are easy to wear and style. The hoodie itself is regular yet popular clothing that can never go out of fashion. You can always rely on hoodies for stylish and fabulous winter looks.

Fur Faux

Oversized coats paired well with column-like pieces like a tube dress, catsuit, or midi skirt with stockings, are one of the season's hottest outerwear pieces. The science behind vegan alternatives has advanced to the point where they feel just as (if not  more) impressive as the real thing. This runway-approved item will instantly elevate your overall ensemble this fall, whether it has a teddy texture, leopard print, or shag.

Knit Maxi Dresses

Credit: My name is lovely

Knitwear is having a moment – it's a runway and off-the-runway staple that's showing that it is here to stay. Maxi dresses in this body-skimming, warming texture will ensure a snug body frame, but they also make fantastic casual or semi-formal attire. The chic design envelops your figure, creating a sultry and sophisticated silhouette reminiscent.  These dresses are mostly neutral, which is excellent if you like layering similar shades or minimalist hues. For a chic Autumn look, pair them with strappy sandals, sneakers, or knee boots.

Extra long sleeves

The fall and winter seasons have a few tricks up their sleeves, and we don't just mean metaphorically. These extra-long sleeves, both by name and nature, are the best way to ensure continuous warmth and sophistication. Unroll cuffed knitwear to let it cascade past your fingertips. Although not always practical, this trend will easily lengthen your limbs and create a streamlined silhouette. When you need to use your hands, roll up your sleeves or find something with a slit down the side to allow maximum movement.

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