GreNo: ‘Even RO can't filter our impure water’
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GreNo: ‘Even RO can't filter our impure water’

‘Even after inflation, we have to buy water bottles every day'

GreNo: ‘Even RO can't filter our impure water’

The delegation of RWA of Golf Link-1 along with MLA Tejpal Nagar met the CEO of the Greater Noida Authority, Narendra Bhushan in his office on Wednesday over water connection to the houses, pending maintenance handover and many more. The delegation, along with the MLA, submitted a letter to the CEO for providing water connection to each house of Golf Link-1 and apprised him of the problems in the colony. The Authority assured them to provide water connection.

Ritika Sharma, a resident of the society, said, “Due to lack of water connection, we take water from the ground by running a motor. This causes skin and hair problems for the family members. RO mechanics also do not come here to repair RO. He says that the groundwater has more TDS, in that case, RO cannot be functional. Even if they come, they charge more money. Due to this, we have to buy bottles from outside to drink. That's why we request the Greater Noida Authority to get water connection in our house as soon as possible”.

Pinki Tyagi, a resident of the society, said, “The problem of drinking water in Golf Link-1 is not new. Sewer water and dirt comes with it, the water is not potable, you have to survive by buying bottles of water from outside”.

“On hearing the name of water, we ourselves become water with shame because the colony and society in which we live do not even have a place to drink clean water. We need to get water from water tankers”,  said Pooja Jadon.

“The problem of pure drinking water in Golf Links-1 has reached this stage. That the disease has started growing in the families. Due to  the non-availability of clean water, children remain ill every day.  They are facing a lot of difficulties. Even after inflation we have to  buy water bottles every day”, said Richa Jindal, resident of the  society.