Don't let your skin be 'Sahara': Winter care tips for soothing skin
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Don't let your skin be 'Sahara': Winter care tips for soothing skin

Winter has arrived, and so has the season of dull, dry, and pale skin

Don't let your skin be 'Sahara': Winter care tips for soothing skin

Winter has arrived, and so has the season of dull, dry, and pale skin caused by the cold weather. It's no surprise that our skin often becomes dry, flaky, and irritated during winters. When the skin becomes dry, it is more prone to cracking and bleeding. Winter has its necessities such as heaters and blowers, being outside in the sun, and relaxing in hot water. These are bound to make the skin dry. The skin is exposed to elements such as chilly air and a brisk wind, as well as the sun reflecting off the snow. Low humidity is prevalent in colder areas, robbing the skin of moisture every second of the day.

Amidst this, a little care and nourishment for the skin become important. A little time and effort may go a long way toward smooth, healthy skin. These tips will help you in avoiding those undesirable effects and keeping your skin healthy and happy during the winter months:

Drink Water Regularly

You might link drinking water to hot and steamy summers. Nonetheless, water is just as useful in the winter as it is in the summer. The more water you consume, the more moisturised your skin will be from the inside. Water also aids in the removal of harmful pollutants from the skin and aids in the treatment of many winter skin diseases. So, stock your workstations with water bottles and wait for healthy results.

Use lukewarm water to clean your face

Hot showers in the cold may calm your muscles, but nothing is better for your skin than hot water. It causes your skin to become dry and flaky. If you have sensitive skin, the consequences are considerably more severe. Of course, we cannot convert to cold water baths, but we may save our facial skin by washing it with lukewarm water. This way, you won't feel chilly and natural oils won't peel off your face as quickly.

Use a moisturizer

One of the most important steps to having great skin in winter is moisturizing. It keeps our skin hydrated and protects it from losing its natural oil. You can pick from the best available natural moisturisers such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, cucumbers, and others are available in the market.

Wear sunscreen even on cloudy winter days

Applying sunscreen on an extreme winter day is just as necessary as it is in the sunny summertime. Don't be fooled by darker, dismal winter days, either UV radiation from the sun may penetrate clouds and inflict damage. Apply a moisturising, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to exposed regions of your body before going outside.

Replenish for your lips

Lips are prone to chapping and drying since their skin is thinner than that of the rest of the body. During winter, it is essential to take care of your lips throughout the day to keep them from looking scaled. Take a lip balm in your pocket no matter what. A roll onto a jar is preferred. To keep your lips moisturised, use the balm once every hour. Scrub them with lemon and sugar every other day to remove dead cells.

Moisturize your skin at night

If you want to have healthy and nourished skin, remember to refill it at night while you sleep for roughly 7-8 hours. Indulge in deep moisturising oils before going to bed to have delightfully smooth skin when you wake up.

These healthy skincare tips will help you get through the harsh impacts of winter while making your skin glow. Choose your cues and achieve the skin you've always wanted.