Noida- Connection delayed is connection denied, say residents
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Noida- Connection delayed is connection denied, say residents

“We are staying for the last 3 years without permanent connection"

Noida- Connection delayed is connection denied, say residents

Residents of Urbtech Xaviers Society, Sector 168, Noida, are fighting to get a permanent electricity connection. Residents said that the society is fully constructed and is almost completed but till now, residents are using temporary electricity connections. There are 800 flats in the society with approx 500 families living in it. Residents said that they have written letters to the Noida Authority and also had a mediation meeting with the authority and builder spokesperson to react on the issues which residents are facing primarily to temporary electricity connection. However, nothing has changed till now.

Anil Chaudhary, President of Urbtech Xavier's society, said, “The temporary connection was taken by the builder approximately 10 years back and till now, we are getting the electricity from the same connection. The builder has been promising that a permanent connection is round the corner but every time this turns out to be false. We want a direct meter connection to the flat owners on an individual personnel basis which is in line with the present policy of the UP Government”.

“Urbtech Xaviers Society, sector 168, Noida, reached its completion four years back but it is still continuing with temporary electricity connection, which is normally used for construction purposes. Resultantly, we, residents, have to pay Rs 8.10 per unit, thereby, causing an extra burden of about two rupees per unit to all the residents. Xaviers residents welfare society representatives took up a case with the electricity department and it is revealed that the  builder is yet to pay the required charges for permanent connection with the department. There is an urgent requirement for permanent electricity connection in the society to give relief to the pockets of residents and mitigate long pending grievances”, said Dinesh Upadhyaya, a resident of the society.

“We are staying for the last 3 years without permanent connection & electricity charges are of the commercial rate of Rs. 8.10 per unit. These high tariffs also hit our budgets. This temporary connection is for construction purposes but our society is still running on temporary connections. As the permanent connection is our right, we need this as soon as possible”, said Manik Goel, a resident of the society.

Suresh Lakhanpal, a resident of the society, said, “The duty of Noida Authority to ensure availability of such facilities while issuing completion certificate/occupational certificate under RERA. The temporary connection is being extended with temporary infrastructure which is causing frequent breakdowns. The builder has already obtained payments for providing permanent connections. The rate and fixed charges levied Rs. 8.10 per unit and Rs.550 pm are more than double what would be payable if permanent multiple connections available. A big drain on my fixed retiree pension income”.