Panchsheel Greens 1: resident-builder tussle reach the authority
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Panchsheel Greens 1: resident-builder tussle reach the authority

If residents will not pay their dues from Monday, I will withdraw all the services.

Panchsheel Greens 1: resident-builder tussle reach the authority

The two-year-old tussle between the residents and the builder of Panchsheel Greens 1, Sector 16B, Greater Noida has intensified. In the last week a new issue has been added to the list of complaints the residents have against the builder. It is the issue of the recharge of the electricity connection of the residential units.

Panchsheel Greens has 15 towers and 2200 flats. As of now approximately 95 percent of society is occupied. This new issue related to electricity is affecting more than 75 per cent of residents. In addition, for a long time, the residents have been complaining about issues related to the malfunctioning of lifts, garbage collection and sanitation among others. Moreover, they emphasized that non-operational lifts pose a danger to their lives in emergencies.

Residents meet District magistrate Suhas LY

Many residents including senior citizens apprised the builder that they have cleared their dues but still not getting the services. They said that despite paying maintenance charges for 2 years in advance, the service has not been good. Now, the majority of the residents have stopped paying maintenance charges. In reaction, as alleged by the residents, the builder has threatened to stop the electricity connection to the homes of the residents who have not paid their dues.

This new issue relating to the alleged non-payment of electricity dues by some residents and the builders reaction to it, has now reached the office of the DM Gautam Budh Nagar.

Perturbed by the inaction of the builder, around 200 residents met Suhas LY, DM of Greater Noida on November 14. Residents shared that he instructed them to meet the CEO, GNIDA, and MD, NPCL who would resolve their issues.

On November 15, residents met Narender Bhushan, CEO Noida. Residents alleged that even after 20 days of protest, the maintenance issue remain unresolved. Lifts, housekeeping and other maintenance services in the society are non-operational. The residents alleged that now the builder of Panchsheel Greens-1 society has started using arm-twisting tactics such as stopping the electricity supply against the protesting residents.

In a talk with CitySpidey, a resident who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Taking review of the complaints of the residents, the CEO immediately called Santosh Kumar, OSD. The tension has been diffused as of now with the intervention of the OSD.”

He added, “Subsequently, the CEO spoke to MD, NPCL over the phone and apprised him of the issue. He requested him to initiate a multipoint connection to each flat in the society on an immediate basis. Moreover, he instructed him to look into the power supply disruption by the promoter.”

Another resident, Ravi said, “We met with the OSD where the builder refused to provide the maintenance services to the residents. On this, the residents posed a similar question: why was he not going to court if residents are not paying maintenance and rather, using arm twisting tactics like disconnecting the power supply? On his part the OSD advised the promoter that he immediately restores basic amenities and stops taking such forceful action.”
He added, “OSD agreed to the request of the residents to form a committee of GNIDA officials who will resolve all issues of the residents with the promoter, and ensure handover of the society to the residents in a time-bound manner.”

Santosh Kumar, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in a statement to CitySpidey said, “We met with the residents and the builder. The builder has some due from the residents, which they have to pay to start their services but residents have some issues from the services of a builder.”

CitySpidey also reached out to the builder Anuj Chaudhry. He said, “According to the residents, they are facing the issue of intercom and the lighting issue. I am ready to start all the maintenance services but what about the pending dues? Who will pay? I do not have money to pay the salary of the staff. If residents will not pay their dues from Monday, I will withdraw all the services. I requested the residents to pay all dues and take service from whatever company they want.”