Noida- Four bikers caught snatching women’s cell phone in CCTV
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Noida- Four bikers caught snatching women’s cell phone in CCTV

The woman's car was parked adjacent to the building

Noida- Four bikers caught snatching women’s cell phone in CCTV

In a recent shocking incident, captured on CCTV camera, phone and car keys were snatched from a  woman in front of Stellar King Court society, sector 50 Noida. The incident took place at around 10 pm. The disturbing part is that this is not an isolated incident to have occurred in the area.

The 17 seconds video of a mobile snatching incident captured on the CCTV  camera of Stellar Kings Court Society on Tuesday went viral. Dr. Archana Jaitely, a resident of Stellar Kings Court Society, had gone downstairs to see off her guest. While they were standing on the service road just outside the housing society, two men riding a bike snatched her friend’s phone and her car keys. In a fortnight, this is the second such incident of snatching reported from  this sector of Noida.

Archana Jaitley ( 40 ), whose friend suffered the incident, said that there were four people, two on each bike. According to her, they first went straight and then came back. She says, “As they were coming back, they slowed down and snatched the car keys and mobile phone my friend was holding in her hand. The snatchers were not were not wearing masks and so their faces were visible.”
An FIR has already been lodged about the incident. “Safety of citizens is becoming a major concern in sector 50 F block  which houses 18 high rise societies. Yet another mobile snatching incident took place late at night yesterday. This is the second such incident within a span of a fortnight. Such cases are increasing and are a matter of grave concern.  Frequent patrolling is very much needed in this section as there is no security wall in this part of the sector. Also, there is a need for CCTV camera network to help in identifying and booking the culprits”, said Rajiva Singh, a resident of Stellar Kings Court Society.

According to the residents, such incidents are on a rise. Dark and lonely stretches of roads where street lights are missing add to the insecurity of the resident. But the main problem is the absence of a security wall in this part of the sector. There are no barricades in this particular sector and strangers can venture in and out of the colony with impunity. Residents demanded that there should be a sector gate and security guards should be there. As per residents, authorities have said that the high-rise society already has boundaries so there is no such need for  particular sector gates.

Vinod Kumar Singh, Station House Officer, Sector 49, said, “We are looking at the CCTV coverage and we are trying to trace the culprits. We will increase the patrolling in this sector.”