Futec Gateway: Residents raise lack of basic amenities in letter to CM
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Futec Gateway: Residents raise lack of basic amenities in letter to CM

Builder had promised to resolve the issues and shared deadlines

Futec Gateway: Residents raise lack of basic amenities in letter to CM

Residents of Futec Gateway, Sector 75, Noida, have been struggling to get basic amenities in their society. On November 19, residents wrote a letter to the Chief Minister raising the poor state of infrastructure in the society.

This project was launched in 2010-11 with the target date of December 2014. Even after seven years, society is still under construction with a very slow pace of work. Residents shared that with this pace, the work will not be completed even in the next 5-6 years.

The completion schedule has been delayed by almost seven years. As a result, residents are compelled to take possession since they are hit by the burden of rent or EMIs. After raising the issue many times and holding various protests, the builder had promised to resolve the issues and shared deadlines for completing various incomplete projects in society. However, the work has not started yet.

Residents alleged that they have to live in unsafe, unhygienic, and pathetic conditions due to inadequate basic amenities in the society. More than 300 flats were handed over to the residents without Occupancy
Certificate and Completion Certificate (OC/CC). Approximately 250 residents are living in the society. Residents shared that now it is a dream to have basic amenities in society

Residents shared that in July, the builder had sent an email on the completion of work. The builder had mentioned that work on the second lift, fire safety, water tank, permanent electricity connection, and increasing parking space will be completed by October 10, August 31, July 25, September 25 and July 30 respectively.

Moreover, work on the sewage treatment plant, pump house, swimming pool and club, common area, and water connection was promised to be completed
by October 15, August 31, August 25, September 30 and  October 25 respectively. All deadlines have passed.

Santosh Singh, a resident and vice president of the buyer association says, “In the society, there are no basic facilities for the residents. It is not uncommon for the residents to get trapped in the lift. As of now there is only one lift in and even this is not working properly. The builder had shared the completion schedule but it hasn’t been adhered to.”

He added, “The builder charges maintenance charges from the electricity meter, which is illegal. Given the poor state of affairs it not fair that we continue to give maintenance charges. Something as basic as proper car parking is not available to the residents.”

Sunil Gupta, a resident of the society says, “We had requested the builder to keep the promises. On June 25th, 2021, the builder had sent an email and assured us that work will start on June 30, 2021. But now November 2021 is nearing its end and still no work has been initiated in society.”

CitySpidey tried to reach out to the builder but he was unavailable for comments.