Aishwaryam Society: Lack of maintenance services hassles residents
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Aishwaryam Society: Lack of maintenance services hassles residents

Residents wrote a letter and voiced their issues to the CEO of Greater Noida Authority

Aishwaryam Society: Lack of maintenance services hassles residents

Living with inadequate infrastructure is a daily tussle for the residents of Aishwaryam Society, Gaur City 2, Greater Noida West. The residents wrote a letter to the CEO of Greater Noida Authority on November 8, 2021, highlighting their issues but as of now, no action has been taken.

A resident of the society shared a tweet saying. "रेज़िडेंट्स के एक हाथ में लॉलीपॉप,दूसरे में  झुनझुना पकड़ा के  अथॉरिटी और बिल्डर मस्तl
चूसते रहो और बजाते रहो l नतीजा- ढाक के तीन पातl, कुछ भी नहीं बदलाl  कृपया संज्ञान लेंl”

In the absence of a proper garbage dump in the housing society, the garbage is being dumped in the basement parking. The underground parking does not even have an exhaust fan. It is difficult to even stand there. Another major problem is the drains in the common area which are not covered properly.  Residents also raised the issue of the bad state of the Sewage treatment plant (STP), Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and the Organic Waste Converter in society.

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Residents shared that the water treatment plant needs modifications and there is a need for water softeners along with proper auditing on the legal number of borewells in place with competent government authorities. They shared that the builder charges Rs 2.20 per sqft but the basic facilities and maintenance in the society are not up to the mark.

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In a letter, residents shared that the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) installed in the society isn't being maintained by any trained and skilled operator and no logbook is known to be maintained.

All the towers and basements of Aishwaryam are plagued with seepage issues on which residents shared that it has never been addressed properly by the maintenance team of the builder and within a time period of 2 years, the entire exterior of the buildings has degraded itself. They further said that despite their innumerable reminders, no proper action has been made by the builder or the maintenance team.

AoA shared that on the request of residents of Aishwaryam Society, Chief Fire Officer inspected the fire safety system of the society on September 16, 2021. However, the fire safety system of society was found wanting. The floors have been provided with one fire extinguisher each. No working fire hose or fire alarms have been installed. As per AoA, there are four flats per floor and the existing fire infrastructure is not conducive to prohibiting a calamity from happening.

Arnimesh Kumar (52), AOA President says, “We bought our residential flats in the hope of getting a premise which will have at least basic amenities and a sound infrastructure. We are also paying heavy maintenance but still, we are not getting any proper maintenance services.”

He adds, “From the last two months, we have been requesting for a tri-party meeting with the builder and authority. Without any word with the residents, last month, the builder started the construction work on the basement ramp which is still half complete. After the fire safety audit, the builder should have installed fire safety equipment in the society. But he did not do it”

Zuheab (35), a resident of Tower A says, “After paying heavy maintenance charges, we are living in a society with zero maintenance services. Seepage from the pillars of the basement is a constant. STP needs to be audited by the authority. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and the Organic Waste Converter are also major concerns.”
 City Spidey tried to reach the builder concerned but he was not available for comment.