Noida: Residents complaint about increasing pollution in 7X
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Noida: Residents complaint about increasing pollution in 7X

Noida residents raised the issue of dust pollution due to the construction work going in the area

Noida: Residents complaint about increasing pollution in 7X

Residents of Sector 7X, Noida, are angry with the dust pollution originating from the construction work going on in Noida. They highlighted the issue through Twitter.
They shared a tweet, directed at the CEO of the Noida Authority. “Respected CEO ma'am we are privileged to get C& D plant in sector 79. STP work already going on n almost on 70% plot of Sector 116 construction work going on. Better to place the gun at Sector 79 n sector 116 circle.”

According to, the AQI of Noida on Saturday, Nov 27, 2021, at 11:00 am in Sector 62 was 309, was categorized as hazardous. In Sector 116, the situation was no better, with AQI meter reading 190. In Sector 1 and Sector 125, the AQI was 183 and 180 respectively. In Knowledge Park III and Knowledge park V, the AQI was 190, 173 respectively, which is categorized as unhealthy.

According to Environmental pollution, “The air you breathe may be polluted due to the construction work. Apart from the noise, poor air quality is the most immediate pollution effect you may experience from a construction site. This means that airborne contaminants including contaminated particulate matter and volatile compounds are spreading around (mostly carried by the wind) in the  surrounding neighbourhood (the main wind direction will influence the  area most affected by air pollution around a construction site).”

Another resident shared, “AQI 400 से ज्यादा है और 116 में ही Air monitoring station लगा है और यह सड़कों की हालत जो construction  मेटेरियल से भरी हुई है यह भी 116 की भी है .एनजीटी और सुप्रीम कोर्ट के  नियमों का उल्लंघन पिछले कई वर्षों से आखिर क्यों??”

Sanwarjeet Singh (41), resident of sector 79 says, “The ongoing construction work in the Noida sector 116 plots is contributing to the air pollution. Another major contributor to dust pollution in Noida sector 7X is a Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling plant, where trucks bring tons of construction waste to recycle. The operations at this plant must be suspended till things improve.” 
A member of the 7X welfare team, under the condition of anonymity, shared, “Smog gun should be installed in 7X or maybe authority should spread water with sprinklers on the plants. Installation of a smog guns is necessary.”

Nisha Rai (45), a resident of Noida says, “We are facing a very tough time due to this dust in the air. We demand that at least the authorities must install a smog gun here and sprinkle STP water on green belt or plants.”