Waste management to get a biogas plant boost in Ghaziabad
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Waste management to get a biogas plant boost in Ghaziabad

The company made a presentation to Municipal Commissioner Mahendra Singh Tanwar on November 29, 2021

Waste management to get a biogas plant boost in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: As a solution to the huge problem of wet waste disposal, the Municipal Corporation of Ghaziabad is constructing a biogas plant at Raj Nagar Extension. The plant will produce biogas and CNG, using wet garbage originating from big vegetable markets, multi-storeyed societies, hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls.

A London-based company will set up the biogas plant at a cost of rupees 100 crores. The plant will have the capacity to dispose of 200 tonnes of wet waste per day. Under the pilot project of the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, the company made a presentation of its biogas plant project to the Municipal Commissioner Mahendra Singh Tanwar on November 29, 2021. Five acres of land is being earmarked for the plant in the Raj Nagar Extension.

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At present, the biggest challenge before the corporation officials is to segregate the wet and dry waste. The company is doing its bit to encourage the residents to segregate the waste material at the household level. The company will give bio cash points to the residents as it collects segregated wet waste from them. The residents can then use these bio cash points to get up to 50% off on fuel purchases at the company's centres. The wet waste biofuel company currently operates a total of four plants. Two, in Maharashtra, one each in Delhi and Haryana. If the project materialises,  it will be the first such plant in Uttar Pradesh.

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“The corporation is frequently running awareness campaigns among the residents to make them segregate wet and dry waste, but there has only been little success on the ground. If the wet waste is disposed of by turning it into biogas then 60 percent of our garbage disposal problem will automatically be solved. The company has given a presentation under the pilot project. We are waiting for a detailed proposal from the company to carry out the project,” says  Mahendra Singh Tanwar, Municipal Commissioner.

The issue of garbage dumping is one of the major concerns of the Municipal Corporation. for the last two months, the municipal corporation has been dumping garbage at different places as a stop-gap arrangement.  Another very ambitious project of the municipality in Galand, to make a ‘waste to energy plant’ is also facing a huge protest by the villagers. In such a situation this biogas plant project will go a long way in improving waste management in the area.