Ghaziabad boy qualifies for National level shooting competition
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Ghaziabad boy qualifies for National level shooting competition

Aarav is going to participate in the national level competition in March 2022

Ghaziabad boy qualifies for National level shooting competition

Aarav Srivastav, 13, a class 9th student from Amity International School, Vasundhara Sector-1, scored 520 points and qualified for National level competitions in the 64th National Shooting Championship Competition held at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, New Delhi. Aarav is now going to participate in the national competition which will be held in March 2022.

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After falling behind in the first three rounds, Aarav made a comeback from the fourth round, which became the turning point of the match. In a match, a total of 10 rounds is given to an individual of 100 points each.

CitySpidey reached out to Aarav who lives in Angel Mercury society, Indirapuram. While talking to us, Aarav said, “ I was a bit nervous till the first three rounds but then my coach Kapil Chaudhry sir came up and talked to me, and that boosted my confidence. My performance improved from the fourth round and finally, I qualified for the National level competition.”

Talking about his preparations, he said,” After school, I go to the shooting club in Gyan Khand 1, Indirapuram for practice. I also have a mini shooting range in my society.” He further added, “ I have three months now to prepare for the National level competition. I am also planning to give trials for the Indian National shooting team. I have a dream of playing with Saurabh Chaudhry. He is my idol”.

Amit Srivastav, father of Aarav said, “ This is a proud moment for our family. Aarav has been working hard in shooting for the last two years. We as parents, just want to support our children. This sport is expensive and managing this with studies is tough sometimes but we are willing to do whatever it takes. We lowered our expectations in studies so that Aarav can focus on his game too. I hope he will perform well at the National level.”

Shashi Yadav, a senior shooting player in Ghaziabad said, “New kids like Aarav should get recognition from an early age. The momentum and motivation is everything for a shooting player. We hope that he will perform well in the upcoming game.”