Book cafes in Delhi NCR, heaven for all you bibliophiles
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Book cafes in Delhi NCR, heaven for all you bibliophiles

Scroll on and check out the best book cafes in Delhi NCR

Book cafes in Delhi NCR, heaven for all you bibliophiles

Hola fellow nerds and geeks! For all you bibliophiles in the town, who love to snuggle up with a cuppa coffee alongside a good book, there are several book cafés in the city providing a private serene space.

So scroll on and check out the best book cafes in Delhi where you can curl up with some good java and books.

The Reader’s Café

Credit: myHQ
Credit: myHQ

We don’t know if there’s a library inside the café or a café inside a library. We’re just grateful for its existence. This place goes all out on bookworms with a book-themed menu! It’s got a foreword, prologue, chapters, and finally, conclusion. They have the creamiest mocha frappe for reading into the night!
Location: 208-212, Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Ahinsa Khand I, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

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Cha Bar inside Oxford Bookstore

Credit: glossypolish
Credit: glossypolish

Oxford Bookstore is a city gem in its centre. It has been the door to teleportation since 1919. It shifted base in 2004 and is now home to Delhi’s most unique tea bar, Cha Bar. They serve over 150 varieties of tea from flowering to fruit. Their Gulabjamun Cheesecake, Bun Tikki and Bubble Tea were trendsetters. You will never tire of this place. The book cafe’s architecture is fascinating, and the book store is huge with an interesting crowd always occupying space.
Location: N 81, Barakhamba Road, Block N, Connaught Place

Blue Tokai inside Bahrisons Booksellers

Credit: worlddorgs
Credit: worlddorgs

This is a visual paradise run by a family since 1953. Rows and columns of books and books create a maze of knowledge inside a glass façade. In the corner rests Blue Tokai and it’s the amazing food menu. The smell of coffee mixed with blue blood binds does not relegate any section of literature to the lesser. There are books for every genre and every budget. People there buy a copy and finish the book in the best vibe they could ask for, ready for a new day and a new book. Just grab one of their famous croissants and camp out!
Location: R 1, Ground Floor, Unit 1 & 2, Rectangle Building 1, Saket back entrance of DLF Mall

Bookshelf inside Another Fine Day – Cafe & Reading Room

Credit: LBB
Credit: LBB

Mezze platters and fiction is a great combination! Travel to the middle east with hummus in your hands for just another fine day at this book café. This is a great place to enjoy your me-time and when you need a break from yourself, grab a scrabble board and dare anyone to play. It’s a great way to bond with strangers, share stories and gasp at literary plots!
Location: Cafe & Reading Room – MPD Towers, DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Books at Café Green

Credit: So Delhi
Credit: SoDelhi

Having a place to read in Chittaranjan Park is a gift from god itself. People are always hustling here. Noise, traffic and food define this place. It’s surely a cultural hub and that comes with a lot of visitors. In the middle of all this, Café Green created a safe space for us. They serve all the C R Park favourites like momos and street Chinese but with a change of air we so desperately needed.
Location: Shop 145, 1st Floor, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park

Turtle Café in the middle of books, books and more books

Credit: Cafe Turtle
Credit: Cafe Turtle

Walls covered in books from floor to ceiling with not an inch to spare are home to a book café in the centre. People visit this place not for the food, but the books. It’s a great place to placebo yourself into believing you’re an avid reader until you become one. The vibe is unique and infectious. People who plugin here and wish to work are sometimes victims of the snare from the administration but, readers are welcome to grab a bite along with a short read!
Location: 8, Nizamuddin East Market, Nizamuddin

These book cafes in Delhi are sacred treasures for people who find solace here every day. Away from the city that never stops, these places provide peace and quiet. We miss the days when reading used to be compulsory so we’re bringing back the old days. Make reading your new year resolution at these amazing cafes!