Winter gadgets to keep you warm this season
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Winter gadgets to keep you warm this season

To overcome your winter blues, here is a list of gadgets that will make this cold more bearable

Winter gadgets to keep you warm this season

Although winters are anticipated to bring along a cold breeze and the season of knits and warmers, they can take a toll on your enthusiasm to get out of your bed every morning. All you want to do on a cold December morning is to make a burrito of yourself in your cozy bed and never get out of it. However, you have got to get into the real world at some point in time.
To overcome your winter blues, here is a list of gadgets that will make this cold season a bit more bearable for you.

Coffee / Tea Warmer

Credit: Amazon

We only need a hot cup of coffee or tea to get us through the long, cold winters. Continue doing your chores while sipping your latte with this mug warmer, which connects to the USB and heats the coffee mug and the coffee in it as needed.

Hot+Cool air purifier

If you live in an area where air purifiers are in high demand, this product is ideal for you. Many purifiers can purify the air but this blows warm air into the room, acting as a heater. It also includes an LCD screen that displays real-time air quality reports such as PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, and NO2 levels in the environment you live in.

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Touchscreen winter gloves

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and smartphones are the most important of these. However, to keep our hands warm, we must wear gloves, which prevent us from using our touch screen devices. The answer to your problem is a pair of touchscreen winter gloves that are also waterproof. You can now use touch-screen devices while keeping your fingers warm.

Bluetooth beanie

Credit: Amazon

Beanies are a must-have item during the winter season. They keep your head and ears warm while also being fashionable. The hat is bluetooth-enabled and works with both Android and iPhone. Two stereo speakers are housed inside the hat, making it ideal for lightning music on the go. Do you want to take calls? Added a microphone to the cap. On the hat's surface, there are three buttons. One is for music control, and the other two are volume controls.

Electrically heated shawl

Credit: Amazon

Shawls, in particular, are inseparable from winters in India. They are preferred because they are light and warm. Consider adding a heater to it. It's a self-powered electric shawl. Simply plug the wire into a standard wall socket to eliminate cold shivers. The shawl's remote also has a timer function that will turn off the heat when the timer expires. Everyone has three heat modes to choose from. Try this gadget if you like shawls and want a tech solution in them.

Heated Mouse

Credit: Ubuy

Don't call in sick with cold hands; a heated Mouse will warm those exposed fingers. This mouse has two heat settings and can reach up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. It's not intended for gaming or other high-precision applications, but it could be helpful for those who work in offices.

Electric Woolen Heating Blanket for Double Bed Warmer

Credit: Indiamart

This electric blanket heats up in less than 10 minutes. It has a temperature regulator. It is resistant to shock. Electric bed warmers cut your electricity bill to a bare minimum. It allows you to sleep soundly also It warms up in a matter of minutes. You can adjust its speed accordingly low and high. You can also remove the blanket from the Controller. It has dual safety features for better, more restful sleep for the elderly. It relieves stiffness and soreness, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and revitalised.

We hope these devices make your life easier, provided you have one!