Ghaziabad: Traffic jams Khoda Posta road troubles commuters
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Ghaziabad: Traffic jams Khoda Posta road troubles commuters

This road meets on NH 9 that people use to go to their offices in Delhi and Noida

Ghaziabad: Traffic jams Khoda Posta road troubles commuters

Ghaziabad: Due to potholes on Khoda Poshta Canal Road, commuters are facing traffic congestion of several kilometers during peak hours. The commuters are complaining about getting their vehicles getting damaged due to the potholes, which are alleged to be one foot across in some places. Scores of people of Vasundhara, Vaishali, Indirapuram, and Khoda, travel on this road on a daily basis.

This road remained waterlogged during the last monsoon for long durations and that must have added to the potholes on the road. People are constantly complaining to the district administration on Twitter about the poor state of the stretch of Khoda Poshta Canal road. This road joins NH 9 which people use to go to their offices in Delhi and Noida. The intensity of vehicles is very high, especially during the morning and evening peak hours. Vehicles are forced to slow down due to potholes, which in turn, very often causes a traffic jam of about two-kilometer. This has become something of a normal thing on this road. During these long traffic jams, smoke from the vehicles ends up contributing to the air pollution in the area.

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One of the residents twitted

The farmer protesters have blocked the way at the UP Gate. People from other areas of the district including Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara are using the Canal Road to go to Delhi due to the closure of the UP gate. Buses are also going towards Delhi from this road. The drivers go to Delhi via the Gaur Avenue intersection located in Indirapuram. Due to the agitation, the pressure of vehicles has increased on Khoda Pushta Road.

Kamal Pratap Rao, a resident of Indirapuram says, “There are huge potholes on the Canal road. Potholes are the main cause of traffic jams. The vehicles are getting damaged too. Even after complaining, this road is not being repaired.”

Shivanshi Pandey, a resident of Vasundhra says, “People are already upset before the closure of the UP gate. The canal road is also in very bad condition. Passing through this road results in wastage of a lot of time for the commuters due to the long traffic snarls.”