Ghaziabad: Vehicles to be registered at dealer point
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Ghaziabad: Vehicles to be registered at dealer point

Middlemen system to become redundant in registration of vehicles

Ghaziabad: Vehicles to be registered at dealer point

Ghaziabad: Starting December 8, 2021, in Ghaziabad registration of vehicles will be done at the dealer point. In this regard, orders have been issued by the Transport Commission, Uttar Pradesh. All the dealers in the district have been informed about it. The system will make the middlemen system redundant and benefit the buyer.

The Government argument in favour of this new order is that it will remove the middlemen from the system. This in turn will help common people to excess their documents directly from the Government system. The step aims to reduce the expenses and save the time of common people.

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Vishwajit Pratap Singh, RTO Ghaziabad says, “ Currently the Registration Certificate copy (RC) of a vehicle is issued by the RTO Offices. Now after this new rule the RC will be issued from the vehicle dealer point. The Consumer has to fill up a form for their desired vehicle number. The RC will be generated within a week by the vehicle agencies.”

Rajat Patel, 42, a broker in RTO, says, “ This new rule will take away jobs from around 200 families in Ghaziabad. I am a broker, I do all the office work for those who do not have time for it and in return, I get some commission. There are 200 other families which depend on this work. Now we all are jobless.”