Steps to develop speech and language of your little ones
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Steps to develop speech and language of your little ones

Experts say every individual’s speech fluency and language develop with time.

Steps to develop speech and language of your little ones

Does your child experience difficulty while speaking? Do not panic and consider pediatric solutions. It is normal to hear unclear sounds and sentences from your kids when they have just started speaking.

Human beings initially begin with babbling and gradually develop their speaking skills. Experts say every individual’s speech fluency and language take some time to develop. Parents play a vital role in improving a child's language skills and fluency.

Many studies have revealed that parents who support and deal politely with their kids with speaking and reading activities tend to result in having better grammar and a larger vocabulary. Here are some of the ways which you can adopt to improve your child’s speech and develop their language.

Communicate with your little ones

Using gestures and actions while talking to children

This is the first step in developing your child's speaking skills. Your kid may not understand what you are saying initially but will slowly start understanding.

Children can catch your gestures and expressions even before they understand your speech. Use expressions and gestures to make conversation easier for kids.

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Even while growing up, conversing with kids goes a long way in personality building. For example, you can talk to your kid at bedtime. Ask them how their day was? make them feel thankful for the whole day. Encourage them to express if they are facing any difficulty.

Giving time is very necessary, let your child have some time in processing the answer and understanding the conversation. Developing such habits will improve your child's conversation skills.

Never criticize

Do not scold or criticize

First of all parents need to speak clearly and gently! Never scold or make fun of if a kid is pronouncing something wrong. This can lower their confidence. Correct them politely and appreciate them for making efforts in the betterment of their speech.

Encourage them to listen:

Encourage your children to listen

Over time many of us develop the habit of only speaking but not listening to what another person is saying. Until you can not understand what a person is talking about, the answer can never be clear and on point. Therefore make your little ones develop the practice of listening consciously and then reply clearly.

Sing together

Sing Together

Singing is another activity that can assist your child in improving their speech. Children enjoy singing cheerful songs on top of their lungs even if they do not understand what the song means. This helps them to improve their speech, encourages them to learn new words, builds active listening and better memory.

You can also support your kid in practicing seven notes of Indian classical songs known as (sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, sa) in a lower and higher pitch. This will help them to build a clear and loud voice.


Read together

Read children's books with your kids. Children's books consist of more pictures and less text. Colourful visuals attract kids' attention and make them curious to ask questions. This helps them to indulge in different activities and be curious.

Use a mirror

Speaking in front of the mirror

This can be a fun activity, ask your tiny ones to speak in front of the mirror. This will help them to notice their facial expression and improve their speech. The mirror can help give feedback and enhance confidence.

As a parent, we must support our kids in their development. While we teach our little ones, we must remember nothing is impossible without love and patience.