Residents of Fortune Residency want their concerns addressed
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Residents of Fortune Residency want their concerns addressed

The residents point that their complaints to the GDA have gone unaddressed

Residents of Fortune Residency want their concerns addressed

Ghaziabad: The residents of Raj Nagar Extension are suffering from a host of civic problems. The residents point that all their complaints and appeals to the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) have fallen on deaf ears.

The basement of Fortune Residency in Raj Nagar Extension has become a headache for the residents. The garbage accumulated there is creating sanitation issues.

Residents also raised the issue of poor maintenance of the building. In addition, the residents have been highlighting other issues related to drinking water, poor maintenance of the buildings, poor state of the main gate ramp, lack of proper sweeping in society common areas, and other such issues.

Babita, 36, a resident of Fortune Residency says, “The basement of the society is really dirty. You can see garbage and water accumulation in corners. This can cause the spread of dengue, malaria and other such diseases.”

Vikash Tyagi, 38, Fortune Residency, says, "The problem of sanitation occurs because of water leakages through pipelines. We are continuously demanding GDA for a solution to our problems through social media but we are getting no responses.”

Another persistent issue that has more to do with the residents themselves is the issue of dogs in the housing society. Recently a dog, allegedly, bit a six-year-old in the lift of the Society. According to residents, so many meetings have taken place in the society to make rules for those who are keeping dogs in their homes.

Tanya Sharma, 32, Fortune Residency says, “We have a fear of dogs in our society. There are few residents who have dogs of Germain Shefford, Labrador and Pitbull breed. These dogs could be dangerous in a housing society. They usually bark at other residences. Few dog owners use the basement for their dogs to defecate.”