Sun Angan- Dwarka Duo to integrate community with classical music
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Sun Angan- Dwarka Duo to integrate community with classical music

'Sur Angan' was started in 2017 to promote music and community integration in the sub-city.

Sun Angan- Dwarka Duo to integrate community with classical music

Hindustani Classical music can bring one out of emotional stress and it also has the power to unite masses beyond caste, creed and class. A classical music duo from Dwarka is once again going to use this power of Hindustani Classical music to unite the local community and help the residents deal with post Covid emotional issues.

Govind Sarswati and Dr Shailesh Kumar

Govind Sarswati with his gurubhai Dr Shailesh Kumar wants to revive the initiative 'Sur Angan' which was started by them in 2017 to promote music and bring the community people together in Dwarka sub-city. In the initiative, they used to organise informal musical evenings for and by the community people in the space of the community, in which budding artists and music lovers from the sub-city performed. The initiative was affected due to the pandemic.

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"Post pandemic there is a need of such activities which could not only create a bond in the community but also help us get out from the Covid inflicted depression of last two years. We are going to start it again to contribute to society through music," expresses Govind Sarswati, a singer, composer and a known community face in Dwarka who himself survived from Covid this year.

Govind Saraswati, who resides in the Dwarka Expressway area says, "It is music which can make the bond stronger in the community. We organise events where anyone who loves and knows music can perform. So as a whole we have made 'Sur Angan' a club which is like a family where the young artists can get a platform to grow and on the other hand promote music as a culture."

The two singers believe that there is a need for such small, informal events or gathering for music which is called 'Baithki' to enrich the culture of togetherness and to make the new generation aware of the Indian classical heritage as well.

The two musical maestros performing at a baithki

The two musical maestros of Dwarka sub-city who started 'Sur Angan' have been in classical music for a long time.  According to Shailesh and Govind, the singers and the instrumentalists who all play as part of 'sur Angan' come from the community of Dwarka itself.

 "What could be a better platform for budding artists to perform in front of seniors of their own area. In our first programme in February many such boys and girls learning classical music performed.," says Shailesh.

Interacting with CitySpidey, the duo shared that Dwarka needed one such music club or group which could promote music through community people. A resident of Daffodils Apartments Sector 6, Dr Shailesh Kumar shared, "People who have been with us through music were demanding one such group through which everybody could meet at least once in a month. Here in Dwarka, many such people belong to classical music or semi-classical music background. So we decided on a concept through which the community could sing and meet. Hence 'Sur Angan' started."

Kumar informed that they would plan one event in a month. Also, they would be organising occasional events too, like for Holi, Diwali, Dushehra and Basant Panchami in which ragas and the songs related to the particular occasion would be sung.