Low effort and tasty pre-workout meals you can try
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Low effort and tasty pre-workout meals you can try

Whether to consume a pre-workout meal or not has always been a controversial topic

Low effort and tasty pre-workout meals you can try

Are you also baffled to hit the gym empty stomach? Whether to consume a pre-workout meal or not has always been a controversial topic. Some believe an empty stomach before the gym is easier and some feel pre-workout meals help sustain their energy during the workout but which way to go.

Experts say workout with a full stomach is not the correct way and even if you are trying to fly light, it can distract you while exercising. Therefore it is very important to eat right at the right time before working out.

Carbohydrate is what your body demands to fuel itself with energy, so you can try carbohydrate-rich food in an appropriate quantity before going to the gym. Here is the list of food, observed perfect pre-workout meal.


Bananas are a healthy source of sugar and starch which provide a good amount of energy to the body. They are known to be a rich source of carbohydrates. Experts recommend eating one medium-sized banana one hour or forty-five minutes before your workout routine.


Consuming oatmeal prepared with milk before a meal is beneficial. It sustains your energy throughout your workout routine. Many times one can not get time to prepare pre-workout meals, so in such cases, you can follow an easy peasy way and prepare oatmeal in less than 5 minutes. You can also choose to add dry nuts or fruits to your oatmeal to make it healthier.

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Fruit Smoothie:

Fruit smoothies are one of the perfect choices. They digest easily and will provide you with the proper amount of energy required as fruits are packed with nutrition. It's up to you how heavy or light smoothie you want to prepare. Prepare a light smoothie by blending fruits and milk. For a heavy one, you can try adding a protein shake, peanut butter and yogurt. Smoothies are also full of antioxidants that ultimately help to relieve the stress caused by exercise.

A slice of toast with jam: 

Having a slice of toast is a good way to satisfy your pre-workout hunger and also one of the easiest meals to prepare. To satisfy bigger hunger you can spread peanut butter on the slice.

Homemade Muffins:

Longer workouts require extra fuel to avoid draining during exercise. You can go for homemade muffins like almond butter banana oat muffins in such conditions. Freeze them and microwave them before eating. Pair muffins with fresh fruit or a fruit smoothie for more energy.


Sandwich might not be the first thing you want to have as your first meal but it is good in both ways to digest the food easily and provide you with a pack of energy. Add fresh veggies and pick a  glass of juice to maintain energy during exercising.

Points to remember:

  • Pre-workout meals should be consumed before 1 to 2 hours of exercising.
  • Prefer a combination of protein and carbohydrates for a meal to consume before a workout.
  • Do not go empty stomach or full stomach for workout both can be disturbing.
  • Every person and their requirements are different therefore personal  insight into your diet is necessary.