Soak in the Christmas spirit with a tour of Delhi cathedrals
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Soak in the Christmas spirit with a tour of Delhi cathedrals

Churches fill your heart with great peace with their tranquil ambience

Soak in the Christmas spirit with a tour of Delhi cathedrals

Delhi with its British colonial past has a rich heritage when it comes to cathedrals. They not only have religious or community significance for the strong Christian community of Delhi but some of these are real architectural marvels. INTACH's Delhi chapter regularly conducts heritage walks to these cathedrals during winter days and the days surrounding the Christmas festivities. It is a great idea to visit these churches during Christmas days. This is when they look their best. During these visits, you can not only appreciate their architectural beauty but can also light up a candle here to partake in the Christmas spirit. At this opportune time, we take you on a whirlwind tour of some of these churches spread across Delhi.

Saint James' Church

This is one of the oldest and well-known Churches in Delhi. Not only as a place of worship but also as a tourist attraction. The Church was constructed in 1836 and has withstood the test of time.
With its royal exterior and well-kept interiors, the Church is still used as a place of worship. Many ancient statues and paintings are housed in the building and are kept in near-mint condition. This Church has always been on the list of travellers to Delhi because it has a lot of open spaces and a sense of calmness in the area.

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Location: Mori Gate, Delhi

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church

Credit: Clearholidays 

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is unquestionably the most well-known Church in the city. It is also one of the largest churches in Delhi, dating back to 1930 when construction began. Easter and Christmas are ideal times to visit because several major ceremonies occur during these holidays. The structure's façade, which features several elements of Italian architecture, is complemented by equally impressive interiors. Other notable features include broad arches, murals depicting various Biblical events, and a curved roof.

Location: Ashok Place, Delhi

The Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Credit: Bharadwajan.tumblr

The Cathedral Church of the Redemption has been in existence for more than eight decades. The Governor-General and Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin, laid the foundation stone for this structure in 1927. After years of planning and raising funds, the Church was finally opened to the public in 1931. The interiors of the Church, which are adorned with beautiful paintings, are as fascinating as its history. Above the altar is a replica of the Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini, an Italian Renaissance painter. There are a plethora of other works of art to be found here.

Location: North Avenue, Delhi

Stephen's Church

Credit: Clearholidays

Placed in the heart of Delhi, this Church is located in the bustling neighbourhood of Chandni Chowk. The Church has a lovely rustic exterior and elegant interiors. In the evening, the lights of the Church can be seen from afar. The red exterior gives the Church a Victorian feeling. It was established in 1862; the Church has stood the test of time and has been the go-to destination for many.

Location: Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Thomas Church

Credit: Dynamite News 

The Church was founded in 1972 and has been an integral part of the community's ecosystem ever since. The building structure is modern and constructed primarily of bright red bricks.

The entire Church appears to be a massive ship when viewed from a distance. Every day of the week, there is a mass on Sunday and Thursday. On special occasions like Christmas, this Church looks terrific. This location's very high semi-circular windows give it the appearance of a palace.

Location: R. K. Puram, Delhi

Luke's Church

Credit: Cloudinary

St. Luke's Church was built on the orders of Archbishop Angelo Innocent Fernandes in 1978. Because the area's people required a parish, a vacant plot was purchased, and a residence where religious gatherings were held was built. Only a few years later, the location was blessed. If you live in Central South Delhi or are passing through, take some time to visit. It will undoubtedly give you new life, especially on the occasion of Christmas.

Location: Defence Colony, Delhi

Centenary Methodist Church

Credit: cmchindiservice

Before establishing Centenary Methodist Church Delhi, the city was served by only one Methodist church in the Old Delhi area. Bishop J. W. Robinson began holding prayer meetings in a small cottage in South Delhi to help the faith's followers. Soon, the faithful flocked in, necessitating the establishment of a proper place of worship. The Methodist Church received a 1.27-acre plot of land from the Government of India in 1956 to build a worship place. That is how Centenary Methodist Church came to be.

Location: Lodhi Road, Delhi

Victory Churches Of India – Known For Architecture

Credit: Google

A church in the Chhatarpur area is well-known for its sessions and, more recently, its architecture. This small Church gives the impression of a family gathering for a mass. All of the Church's members have spoken highly of the pastor, and his preaching has brought the congregation together.

The Church is peaceful and quiet, and there is a service every day of the week. As part of the Church, many extracurricular activities contribute to the overall development of the community's youth.

Location: Chhatarpur