The Christmas tree and its significance
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The Christmas tree and its significance

Each Christmas decoration is a symbol of peace and harmony and come with a unique significance.

The Christmas tree and its significance

Decorating the Christmas tree is the best part of Xmas celebrations. It allows you to spend time with your loved ones, all the while enjoying the festive vibe.  Plus, the vibrant colours and glitter make for a cheerful mood.

Millions of people across the globe embrace the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. Although it is a Christian tradition, many associate it with year-end celebrations and a welcome arrival of the holiday season.

 The Christmas baubles, wreaths, glittering stars, mistletoe, candy canes and fairy lights have an inherent cheerfulness that makes people happy and brings in the festive spirit. However, not everyone knows that each of these Christmas decorations is a symbol of peace and harmony and come with a unique significance.

Christmas tree decorations and their significance:-

The Christmas Star symbolizes the 'Star of Bethlehem'. According to the Biblical story, the Christmas Star guided the three wise men, to the baby Jesus. The Star also stands for 'Hope for Humanity.

Christmas candles represent the 'Star of Bethlehem'. People used candles before the electric Christmas tree lights came in. Fairy lights and coloured tiny bulbs are an inseparable part of Christmas tree decorations.

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Christmas Wreaths symbolize eternal love and rebirth. The Holly on the wreaths stands for immortality, strength and generosity. Christmas is a time for sharing happiness.

Christmas Mistletoe plants are traditionally known for their romantic overtones. According to certain theories, the "plant's history as a symbolic herb dates back to thousands of years. Ancient cultures prized mistletoe for its healing properties." The mistletoe could blossom even during the harshest winter months and the Druids saw it as a symbol of vitality.

Christmas Gifts are traditionally wrapped and tied with colourful ribbon bows. It is believed that the bow is a sign of unity and happiness in the holiday season.

Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours. While green signifies light and life, red represents blood or the sacrifice of Christ.

Decorate your Christmas tree

The Christmas Tree is 45 cm tall and is generally decorated with ornaments and a star. Choosing elements that fit your theme will help you achieve a cohesive design. Whether it's hanging tree decorations, garlands, ribbons, or floral picks, opt for Christmas tree decorations that will complement the overall appearance of your tree.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you-

  • Pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and will save you time, you'll need Christmas tree lights if you have a plain tree (real or artificial).
  • You can even make it more quirky by adding candy canes, gingerbread and more.
  • Last, not least put some gifts right next to the Christmas tree for your loved ones.

On Winter Solstice, as we formally step into the Christmas season, go ahead and decorate your Christmas Tree with your family.

CitySpidey wishes all its readers a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!