Dilli Haat: A celebration of the aesthetics and flavours of ethnic India
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Dilli Haat: A celebration of the aesthetics and flavours of ethnic India

Dilli Haat has been home to scores of handicraft and handloom workers since 1994

Dilli Haat: A celebration of the aesthetics and flavours of ethnic India

Though Delhi takes pride in its five-star properties, swanky malls, blinding lights, and Government institutions, it also has a part that celebrates the rural life of India. the part we are talking about is Dilli Haat, INA. A fusion of crafts, cuisine, and cultural events may be found at Dilli Haat, INA. This dining and artisan bazaar is a remarkable treasure chest of Indian culture, handicrafts, and ethnic cuisine. A one-of-a-kind market in the city's heartland it showcases the diversity of Indian culture on a continuous basis.

Walk inside the complex in an entirely pleasant manner, whether it's shopping for distinct cultural handicrafts, sampling foods from the many States of India, or simply relaxing in the evening with the entire family. Dilli Haat takes you to the realm of Indian art and tradition, which is exhibited via an engaging array of craft, cuisine, and cultural events.

Dilli Haat has been home to thousands of handicraft and handloom workers since its foundation in March 1994. The location includes artisan vendors offering traditional, utility, and ethnic objects from throughout the country.

The stalls in the bazaars are rotated every 15 days to keep the goods on offer fresh and unique. However, many shops offer the same thing, and the things aren't distinctive. Pouches, pillow covers, embroidery and woven textiles, woodwork, footwear, rugs and floor coverings, saris as well as other traditional apparel are on offer here. In addition, you can lay your hands on leather products, jewelry, and tribal artwork. Make sure to bargain for a decent deal. Dastkar Nature Bazaar's wares may be more enticing if you're seeking unique handicrafts. It's around 30 minutes south of INA Dilli Haat, close to Qutub Minar and Mehrauli Archeological Park.

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Every month, Dilli Haat features a different theme highlighting artisans and craftspeople for 12 consecutive days. There are some handicraft and handloom vendors that are open all year round. Dilli Haat is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with an entry fee of Rs 20 (Kids), Rs 30 (Adults), and Rs 100  (Foreigners)

Alright, everyone! Grab your belts, because we've compiled a list of all the amazing stuff you definitely ought to get away from here.

Shawls from Srinagar

Winters are already here, and it's the best opportunity to stylet our coats, knitwear, and shawls. And, while we're on the subject of shawls, how can we overlook Kashmiri shawls and stoles? Dilli Haat is one of the premier spots to buy Kashmiri shawls, which are wonderfully hand-embroidered and incredibly warm. Here you will discover a diverse range of items at reasonable costs.


Does anyone enjoy attractive, vivid handcrafted baskets? If so, you should definitely go to Dilli Haat right away! There were kiosks offering incredibly attractive and colourful baskets in a wide range of patterns, sizes, and prices.


You will easily acquire souvenir from every region, from Kashmir, Ladakh to Kerala, from home decor items to housewares, Dilli Haat is a one-stop destination for all commodities.

Paintings and artworks

From traditional pieces of art such as Madhubani paintings to gorgeous fabrics such as Assamese Silk and Khadi to interior decorative articles such as centerpieces, terracotta ceramic items, and even get your live portrait done in only 10-15 minutes. There are plenty of worthwhile treasures to take home for family and friends.

Carpets and rugs

Are you looking for beautiful carpets and rugs to improve the look of your home? The selection at Delhi Haat is extensive and should not be overlooked. Rugs and carpets of all forms, sizes, colours, and designs may be found in the stalls here. The best aspect is that you may negotiate costs based on your budget! *woohoo*

Antique & handcraft Ornaments

If you're a collector of silver, handicraft and pearl jewellery, you'll adore the selection of nose rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces available here. You may even get your hands on trendy fake earrings and junk jewels.

Eateries from diverse Indian states

How does one explore India's many cultures without indulging in slurping  dishes from varying states? Well, Dilli Haat offers a broad range of cuisines, such as Sikkim's momos, Bengal's fish curry, rista from Kashmir, Lucknow ke galauti kebabs and Jaipur ka mirch pakoda among others. Winters are the best time to enjoy these variegated flavours of India.

So now that we've given you a quick glimpse at whatever you can get at home, what are you waiting for?  go ahead and indulge!