Noida tops in country's most polluted cities
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Noida tops in country's most polluted cities

The air quality of Noida in most sectors is severe or very poor

Noida tops in country's most polluted cities

Noida: When it comes to pollution in India, Noida is usually somewhere at the top of the list. On Thursday, December 24, 2021, Noida was declared the second most polluted city in India, after Faridabad.

Meanwhile, the air quality of Noida in most sectors is severe. According to CPCB, on December 25, 4 pm the AQI of  Sector 116 was 429 (severe), sector 125 was 390 (very poor) and 401 in Knowledge Park 3 (severe).

The residents of Noida have time and again highlighted the effect of poor air quality on daily life. While morning walkers said that the poor quality of air dissuades them and they prefer to remain indoors now, the office goers pointed out that living in Noida has become a potential health risk for them as the air is so toxic.

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Despite constantly poor figures, most of the reasons behind pollution remain unresolved in the city.

Manish Kumar, a member of Noida Extension flat Owner Welfare Association, says, “The major cause behind increasing pollution in Noida is its lack of public transport facility. We can’t have odd-even policy work in our city for the same reason. During the time of COVID 19 lockdown, when everything was completely shut down and only emergency vehicles were allowed things were in control. We were able to hear some positive news in terms of nature”.

Manish Kumar

Dinesh Singh, a resident of Homes 121, says, “There are no improvements. The construction activities have resumed. Garbage is getting burned. On November 16th, I requested Noida Authority to look into watering the plants in the roundabout near Parthala chowk. Because of the construction, a lot of dust got accumulated on the plants. I got a reply on 2nd December. These things should be taken on a priority basis especially where construction work is underway”.

Dinesh Singh