Pandemic anxiety and how to deal with it
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Pandemic anxiety and how to deal with it

It is necessary to take care of your thoughts

Pandemic anxiety and how to deal with it

It's been almost two years since we have been fighting with the Corona virus. Though it's been tough for everyone, it has also given us some sort of training in managing  fear, stress and anxiety and some grounding in coping with challenging situations.

With the love and support of our loved ones, it becomes easier to think that everything will be alright. The arrival of the new Omicron variant has once again raised concern, especially among the young adults. The scenario of having to live with another Covid induced lockdown is lurking just around the corner. A lockdown may mean, for many, days of loneliness, isolation and frustration. It is but natural that one must be going through pandemic anxiety.

Experts say having anxiety is a normal part of our lives but when it goes above a certain level then it can cause harm. At this time something should be done about it. So here are a few tips and tricks which can help you deal with pandemic anxiety.

Take care of what you are thinking: During this time, it is necessary to take care of your thoughts. Watching the news and  taking an update about the surroundings is important but focusing on rising cases all the time can create tension and lead to a feeling of anxiety. The more you focus your attention towards the hardship, your mind will suffer more. Experts suggest keeping your surroundings positive in such cases and allowing yourself to not get burdened with negativity in your surroundings.

Practice mindfulness: During the rising cases and worrying surroundings, taking precautions is a priority but with that, taking mindful decisions and not just assuming is also important. You can start writing a journal, meditation, breathing exercises, following gratitude in your daily routine to keep your mind and body positive.

Take care of your body: Strong immunity helps fight infection. Therefore, in order to fight the new variant, make sure you intake enough nutrients, do exercise, take full precautions & have a proper
sleeping pattern and less screen time.

Do not ignore your feelings: In order to feel positive and fine, we can not ignore what we are feeling and especially if the feelings are negative. Understand your emotions, their root cause and accept the
truth. Suppression of emotions is not a solution and it can lead to morestress and anxiety.

Indulge in your hobby: Try to do what you love, when we give our time to something which we love to do, our brain releases good hormones whichhelp us feel happy. You can also try new things such as listening to the
favourite music of your loved one, trying new recipes, some fine art etc.

If you are already suffering from fear and anxiety of rapid increase in cases, then try out these ways to calm yourself. If you are not able to handle the situation, you can always seek professional help. Contact a
psychologist without any hesitation and take care of yourself.