Adolescent share their experience after first vaccine jab
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Adolescent share their experience after first vaccine jab

"I am not sure we can still go out freely, as fully vaccinated people are catching an infection."

Adolescent share their experience after first vaccine jab

After much deliberation, vaccination for adolescents between 15-18 was started in India and now it is presently well on its way. From January 3, more than 2,17,42,837 young generations between 15-18 years of age have been vaccinated with the first dose according to the Co Win portal. Many adolescents have taken the first dose of vaccine in Delhi. CitySpidey talked to some of them to know about their experience after getting jabbed.

The children we talked to gave out a mixed response of their experience.

Kanav Sharma(17) who received the first dose of vaccination one week ago says, "I was excited from the time I registered and was injected with the first dose, but at night it became my nightmare because of aftereffects of vaccination such as fever and pain. I was suggested to take paracetamol and continue to follow all the precautions."

Shinto(16) ""I am excited as I hope after getting both doses of vaccination, I may enjoy going to school once again. I got vaccinated on the first day at my father's hospital but yet I was a little nervous as I am allergic to certain medications. After getting jabbed I was also suggested to not rub the area where we were injected to avoid any sort of complication."

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Dev Kumar(15) who received vaccination two days ago says "I was scared while getting a vaccination and still doubting if any of the side effects would come up in the next 2-3 weeks."

Some, like Raini Negi (17) though, were not very impressed with the experience and what they saw. Says she, " There were hardly any people of my age at the dispensary. I was a little afraid of the injection before getting the vaccination but it was alright in some time. I noticed that social distancing was not being maintained properly and overall I had an average experience. I did not get any advice or care guidelines from the medical staff over there."

Moreover, parents although concerned in the beginning are relieved that the children have started to get vaccinated

Suman Sharma, mother of Kanav says, "As a parent, we were scared if vaccination would show any side effects but after my child got vaccinated I am satisfied. I am not sure if my children are still guarded by the vaccination as the virus is getting mutated every time but yes they are protected to some extent."

Krishan Kumar father of Dev says, "Most of the parents were waiting for the vaccinations for the last one year and now I am happy as kids are finally receiving the first dose. We do not have any other choice but to get our kids vaccinated to prevent the problems we faced in the second wave. I don't know about the 100% safety but at least with these vaccinations can improve their immunities."

Despite vaccination, neither children nor parents are confident of schools reopening and things getting back to normal in the near future.

"I am not sure if we can still go out freely, as fully vaccinated people are also catching an infection. I think getting vaccinated is one way of protecting ourselves but we still need to follow every covid protocol,"  said Kanav.

Jasnoor Singh(16) says "It was a good experience to get jabbed and immune ourselves, but still we have not received independence from mask and sanitisation. I feel we should take all the covid precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe even after receiving the vaccination."

Things to keep in mind while going for the vaccination.

  • Carry your adhar card and mark sheet for the 10th class.
  • Try to wear half sleeves shirt and comfortable clothes underneath your
  • jackets or coats, so that it is easy to take the injection.
  • Do not panic and keep calm.
  • Carry your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Make sure to monitor health for 30 minutes after the vaccination.