Baby Shark hits 10 billion do do do !
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Baby Shark hits 10 billion do do do !

Baby Shark has smashed yet another YouTube record

Baby Shark hits 10 billion do do do !

Baby Shark, a song with a catchy tune and flashy visuals has caught the fancy of children across the world and made history. It has been declared as the most-watched video on YouTube with more than ten billion views.

After its debut in 2016, the song went on to be adapted into a Nickelodeon pre-school series Baby Shark's Big Show in 2021.

What is the song about?

At one-minute-an-21-seconds long, the song's repetitive "doo-doo-doo-du-du-du-du-du-du" refrain invites endless replays. Coupled with simple and easy to follow dance steps, it has become extremely popular among kids, especially under the age of five. Although it is unclear who the original writer of the song is, it is said to be a popular American campfire song that has been sung and recreated a couple of times.

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However, Baby Shark became a global sensation after it was remixed and recreated by the Seoul-based production company Pinkfong. Sung by 10-year-old Korean-American singer Hope Segoine, the video of the English version of the song, released in June 2016, broke the record of being the most-watched.

In 2018, Baby Shark's popularity soared thanks to #BabySharkChallenge and even got a tougher version in 2020 with a gruelling abs version, where gym-enthusiasts exercised to the song. Celebrities have also jumped on the Baby Shark wagon, with John Legend and daughter Luna performing the catching tune in 2019. Meanwhile, Celine Dion performed the song on the James Corden Carpool Karaoke show that same year.


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"Today we mark history with our special milestone! Baby Shark Dance' became the first video in history to hit 10 billion views on YouTube! Join us to celebrate and share your Baby Shark Dance moments with us! Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo," the channel wrote on its Instagram page.

Along with the children, parents too had to catch the beat as it was played on repeat in their home. We talked to some of them-

In her first days of preschool, Richa sharma's toddler was exposed to two things: "Baby Shark" and Throwing papers.

"Both are annoying," says Ms Sharma, 35 years old. "But I'll take throwing papers over 'Baby Shark' any day of the week."

Geetika Singh, Mother of twins says, "My husband hates the Baby Shark song because it's repetitive, silly, and kids sing it over and over. I love the Baby Shark song and I think it's adorable. Not surprised at all by the fact it was most-watched video."

Raman Ghosh, a father of 2 daughters, says, "Children like its repetitive tune. I'm sure while the children loved the song and parents found it cute or amusing, it had to break some records."

Urvashi Dhar, 33, says, "It's really kind of an earworm, it just repeats and repeats and repeats and I remember people got nuts about baby shark challenge, every time I scroll through instagram use to see parents, adults, babies dancing on it."

Sania Farhat, a pediatrician and a mother says, "Simple songs with easy melodies, repetition, and wholesome themes help kids keep order in a new and confusing world. When you're 6 months old, or 2 or 5 years old, so many things are going on that you try to make sense of. A song can harness that experience and be comforting in its repetition."

Baby Shark," doo doo doo doo doo doo, We really do, doo doo doo doo doo doo. What do you think about this song ! Tell us in comments section below