Construction debris dumped with impunity: a health hazard in Dwarka
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Construction debris dumped with impunity: a health hazard in Dwarka

Dust rising from this openly dumped debris add to air pollution

Construction debris dumped with impunity: a health hazard in Dwarka

The subcity of Dwarka has been in existence for almost two decades now. Firstly, it is still a growing sub-city. A growing sub city would mean constant construction, digging and reconstruction activity. Secondly, Dwarka is also a sub-city with a lot of open spaces, much of which is under the DDA.

Dumped construction debris along roadside

These two above mentioned aspects of Dwarka come together to create the issue of illegal and brazen dumping of construction debris and dug up material on public spaces. One often sees construction, reconstruction and digging activity in one part of the sub-city, followed by dumping at another. Many open DDA plots of land are often used for this dumping of debris. This is something that is done with impunity and hardly any thought is being given to public safety. The openly dumped construction debris also adds to the air pollution as construction dust rises from these open mounds of debris and adversely affects the overall air quality. 

Recently, a part of sector 11, Dwarka, along the road has been dug up for cable laying work. Simultaneously huge amounts of dug up debris was seen dumped with impunity on a roadside in another part of sector 11, near the metro station. 

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The area residents are complaining. Says Anubhav Madan (45), a resident of sector 11, DDA flats, "A DDA plot, right next to our apartments, is used to dump construction debris in the open. A lot of dust rises from this construction debris which is lying uncovered. This is a huge health risk for us, especially when the air quality is already very poor."

R.S Saxena (54), another sector 11 resident says, "If debris has to be dumped then there should be a properly earmarked place for it. Also, it should be done following proper norms and keeping the inconvenience to the people in mind. But nothing of the sort ever happens here. This is a long-standing problem and DDA should pay attention to this aspect of the sub-city."