Top AI gadgets you can use in 2022
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Top AI gadgets you can use in 2022

Robotic vacuum cleaner is best because of it's smart object detection

Top AI gadgets you can use in 2022

Every year we look back and realise things have become smarter around us with the advent of artificial intelligence. It is rapidly taking over its space in every industry. In the coming years, AI will make our lives easier, simpler, and more efficient. 

Engineers are always trying to produce a product that can be easily accessed by all types of people. So, here is a list of some top artificial intelligence gadgets which will not only make your life easier but also save energy and time.

Icon AI Sound Mirror:

Credit: Gadgetflow

Isn't it great to command your mirror to sing a song while showering? It is around or oval-shaped mirror with an Alexa based smart speaker.  It is a bathroom with which water-resisting quality is a plus point but one can take it anywhere in their wardrobe or dining room. It can play sounds, read the news or sing a song once it is connected to your wifi connection. You can also directly connect it to bluetooth for playing a song from any particular app.

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Smart health monitoring light bulb:

Credit: Knowtechie

Smart health monitoring health bulb does not only light up your surroundings but also works as a fitness tracker. This light bulb can identify your heart rate, pulse, body temperature, and sleep by using AI.

Video doorbell dual:

Credit: Ring

It is a device fixed with the camera that features two cameras- one in front to capture the visuals of guests and the other on the lower side of the device to keep an eye on the package. This can help you detect threats at the earliest.

Studio AI home gym:

Credit: Yankodesign

This gadget can help bring you in shape. It will provide you with live or on-demand personalised workout classes. This comes with all the types of basic gym equipment such as dumbbells, plates, barbell etc. Having it is like having a personalised fitness trainer who is available with you all the time and can access it.

Robotic Vacuum:

Credit: The good guy

This robotic vacuum cleaner is best because of it's smart object detection. Because of its high quality sensor, it can also detect distance and location.