Bharat Darshan Park- A window into India's rich heritage
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Bharat Darshan Park- A window into India's rich heritage

The park has reopened now after being closed because of Covid.

Bharat Darshan Park- A window into India's rich heritage A replica of Mahabat Maqbara, Junagarh

Every day, we throw tons of waste, from plastic bottles to papers callously. Changing the face of this ugly fact, the  Bharat Darshan Park in West Delhi is unique. The park created by South Delhi Municipal Corporation has been made by transforming waste products. The park was inaugrated in December 2021 and was closed shortly due to Covid. Now, it has been reopened.

A replica of Khajuraho temple, Madhya Pradesh

Here you'll see 22 replicas of historical monuments such as Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Char Minar, Gateway of India, Konark Temple, Mysore Palace, Meenakshi Temple, Hampi, Victoria Memorial, Sanchi Stupa, Gol Gumbaz, Azanta & Ellora Caves, Hawa Mahal, Khajuraho Temple, Nalanda University, Junagarh Fort, Tawang Gate, Rameswaram, Dwarkadhish, Jagannath Puri, Odhisha.

A replica of Char Minar, Hyderabad

Bharat Darshan Park is the second type of park in the capital, made out of waste. The first is Waste to Wonder, near Sarai kale Khan. The park, which spans 8.5 acres in west Delhi's Punjabi Bagh, has been created at the cost of Rs 14 crore.

A replica of Qutub Minar

The 22 replicas have been constructed with 350 tonnes of scrap material, for example, old vehicles, fans, iron rods, nuts and bolts that were unused/left at the SDMC stores or other places.

The park remains open from are from 10 am to 10 pm. The nearest metro station is Punjabi Bagh west on the pink line.

A replica of Hawa Mahal In Rajasthan




  • Adults in Evening: 150
  • Children in Evening: 75
  • Senior Citizen in Evening: 75


  • Adults: INR 100
  • Children in Daytime: 50
  • Senior Citizen in Daytime: 150
  • MCD School Students: Entry Free
  • School Students: 40 Per Child/ 90 Per Adult
A replica of Konark temple


A replica of Hampi chariot, Karantaka


A replica of Mysore palace


A replica of Taj Mahal


A replica of Badrinath, Uttarakhand


A replica of Gol Gumbad



A replica of Meenakshi temple, Tamil Nadu
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