Busting myths around tattoos with tattoo experts
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Busting myths around tattoos with tattoo experts

For optimum healing, one must keep the tattoo hydrated and nourished till it heals

Busting myths around tattoos with tattoo experts

The art of tattooing is not a new one. It holds a history of around 5000 years. In Egypt, women primarily had tattoos and there is evidence that these tattoos represented status. From the early days of tattooing to modern times, we have seen an increase in the popularity of tattoos. Tattoos are an art form that people have been practising for centuries. There are also several stories revolving around the art of tattooing and stories have misguided the narrative in the modern times.

CitySpidey talked to some tattoo experts to burst some myths and delve into several truths of this art.

People hold the opinion that getting a tattoo is a painful experience. On this note, CitySpidey approached the two famous Tattoo artists and asked them a few questions and concerns.

Naveen Kumar, owner of Inkborn, Noida has a zero infection rate. Till date, no customer of his has complained of infection. He has a proper neat and clean set up with sterilised equipment like a pen machine, a rotary machine and a coil machine.

Naveen Kumar 

He uses authentic products from the USA. We reached his studio for optimum guidance and to gain knowledge on the healing process of the tattoo.

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On being asked about the pain while getting a tattoo, he says, “Getting a tattoo involves some level of pain. As pain is a subjective feeling, it depends from person to person. Stories about tattoos hurting as bad or worse than giving birth are simply not true. Most people find that the application process feels similar to scratching a sunburn”.

Karan, the owner of Tattoo Ink Master, Sector 18, is one of the best tattoo artists in the town. Ink Master guarantees you a 100% painless tattoo experience. With promising safe needles and cleanliness, they are serving this industry for 9-10 years.

Karan says, “People also hold the myth that tattoo causes cancer or HIV. They have found that there may be health concerns yet there is no evidence to support this theory.”

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"Getting a tattoo involves opening the skin up where bacteria and pathogens can enter. Once the tattoo is complete, we consider it an open wound. Contaminated equipment and inks can cause infections, as tattoo shops are more regulated today, there is a significantly decreased possibility of any infection like cancer or HIV.” says Karan.

We asked them about people taking aspirin to relieve the tattoo pain. On this note, Naveen, Ink born studio artist said, “This myth is completely false and could cause problems. You should not use alcohol or aspirin because they are blood thinners. If you use either of these before getting a tattoo, you could experience excessive bleeding.”

It is also a notion that tattoo is a permanent mark on the body, and this stops them from getting a tattoo. However, we must thank the medical professionals that this is no longer the case. Today a person can get a tattoo removed through innovative laser technology, surgical procedures & even tattoo removal creams are available in the market.

Tattoos also need a good amount of care. If you peel skin on or around the tattoo, you could alter the appearance of it. Scratching or peeling can cause keloids or scar tissues to form around the tattoo. And due to this, the pigment of the ink colours can be changed.

For optimum healing, one must keep the tattoo hydrated and nourished till it heals. But one must not over apply too much ointment as it can suffocate the skin, therefore disturbing the healing process.

CitySpidey also raised the concern that can we donate our blood after getting a tattoo. Naveen says, “Many people come to me and ask me if will I be able to donate blood in future. For them I want to convey that if you have a tattoo, you can donate your blood, there is no restriction as such. As long as you are sure of your tattoo artist that he used fresh needles on you. But it is safer to wait for at least 6 months to a year after getting a tattoo. The wait time is for your tattoo to heal and not develop any infection”.

Naveen also gives us a few healing tips. He strongly recommends following the proper aftercare regime as soon as you get a tattoo.

  • Wash with normal temperature water after a half hour or one hour.
  • Use only dove soap or Johnsons baby soap’s foam to wash the tattooed skin.
  • After the wash, pat dry with a napkin.
  • And do not apply Vaseline. A big no to the vaseline application. It is a myth that Vaseline helps in the healing process.
  • Apply coconut oil or any baby cream.
  • Repeat the same procedure the next day.
  • Do not scratch the tattoo if it itches.
  • If it itches, apply coconut oil.