Despite season of love, business shrinks for Noida florists
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Despite season of love, business shrinks for Noida florists

Florists around the city are disappointed as sales remain low

Despite season of love, business shrinks for Noida florists

Sandip Verma, a flower vendor who stands outside Amrapali leisure valley, Noida has given up on his plans of expanding his stock of flowers for Valentine's day. The reason: low sales and cold response from customers (even on the rose day).

“It was our festival and it's surprising that no one wants flowers. They have changed so much. What is the logic of keeping this much variety then." he says.

As we approach Valentine's day, the festivities can be felt all across Noida. From low to high-scale entrepreneurs, everyone is making special plans for February 14th. There is hope for business to bloom. However, florists around the city are disappointed as sales remain low.

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Roses are often considered the best medium to convey feelings of love. But what about the ones who are selling them?

We asked Sandip, apart from the rose, what is the favourite flower of the people. He said he is keeping a good variety of tulips as they are affordable blossoms and are within everyone's budget. And is a perfect valentine day flower because tulips are a hardy cut flower and can continue to flourish in water and they last longer than most other flowers in a vase.

Tulips, although they are simple in appearance, they are still an excellent choice for a valentine. Among bright hues, one can surely match your sweetheart’s personality. Moreover, Red tulips are a declaration of love in the Victorian language of flowers.

Shivam from Shivam Phool Bhandar is dejected as he had expected a greater sale during Valentine's week yet it did not happen. "Even on the rose day, sales were just average, not good. Now, I have lost all hope.

"I remember the days when people were mad about the flowers, now they feel that flowers are senseless things. People's mentality has been changed in the last few years," he adds.

Shivam who sells flowers and marigold garlands all around the year keeps a multitude of different flowers in different colours. Beautiful carnations find a place on his stall. He said, “these playful ruffly blossoms make for a perfect flower arrangement. They are affordable, lively and delicate." He also gave a tip. “it should be picked at the early stages, so they remain fresh for many days.”

On the way to Noida from Cannaught place, we met Shabnam at Barakhamba metro station, a local flower vendor. Her pale face told of her woes. While talking to CitySpidey, she said “People are not purchasing roses flowers like before. We thought that they would purchase roses in bulk, but I have only managed to sell 15-20 roses today. On casual days we sell flowers at 30 rupees and during Valentine's week, we sell at 50 rupees hoping to earn well and save for the rest month, but it seems that sales will not increase this season."

CitySpidey encouraged her by saying that many days are still left to Valentine's Day, and her sales may pick up.