Stay close to food with career options in the food industry
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Stay close to food with career options in the food industry

There are a number of career options that cater to your love for food and let you earn too

Stay close to food with career options in the food industry

Whenever you talk to your friends, half of your conversations end up becoming about food. The satisfaction you get by eating is not comparable to any other feeling in this world. Is your inner foodie jumping even while reading these lines? Are you looking for some career options to keep you connected to food in any way? Then your search has just ended.
Yes, you read it right. There are a number of career options that cater your love for food and let you earn at the same time.

Food Critic

Have you ever read the famous food column Rude Food in the Hindustan Times Brunch magazine? Then you would have heard the name of the man behind it, Vir Sanghvi, who travels around India and shares his food experiences. If you too are crazy about food and can evaluate dishes, restaurants and hotels with a critical eye, then you can consider becoming a food critic. Food critics explore minute details of a food dish, such as its texture, taste, smell, appearance, quality, flavours, etc. and share their opinions through written columns or even video shows.

Food Blogger

Whenever you order food or are searching for good restaurants to eat at, the first thing you generally do is check the online reviews made by other visitors. There are certain people passionate enough about food that they travel to different places specifically to try out their food and inform others about the best places to eat at. These are called Food Bloggers and they are becoming the next big thing. Whether you want to specialize in the food joints in your own city or explore cuisines from all around the country/world is a call you get to take.

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Food Photographer

Have you ever looked at the hoardings outside restaurants displaying different food items? The photographs look so good that often you end up finding yourself sitting on a table inside & and enjoying the delicacies because you couldn’t control yourself. Such photographs are taken by expert photographers. They work with food stylists and click photographs to help food companies, restaurants and packaged food companies make their dishes/products look appealing to their customers. These enticing pictures are used in magazines, websites, advertisements, menus and cookbooks, etc.

Food Technician

Ask your grandparents if they had instant noodles, canned juices or ready-to-cook food available when they were your age, and they would say no. As the world is developing and science is making advancements, the food world has also not been left untouched. Working in the world of Food Technology will let you combine your love for food with your love for research and technology. Be it frozen foods or dairy items, you’ll work in laboratories to study the chemical, physical and biological properties of packaged food products. Developing processes to package and store food, inspecting food quality and improving the technology used to process food will be part of your work.

Food Stylist

Whenever you ask a chef about the most important part of a dish is other than the flavours, the answer will always be the look and presentation of the dish. Even a simple dish like Rajma Chawal can be made to look a lot more attractive and like a restaurant-worthy dish through professional styling. The job of a food stylist is to make food look beautiful and fresh for photographs, videos and clients. They focus on elements of colour, shape and texture to create an appetizing and visually appealing plate of food.

So what are you waiting for? Treat the foodie inside you with these jobs and be sorted for the rest of your life!