Golf Apex Avenue: Residents worried due to pending OC/CC
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Golf Apex Avenue: Residents worried due to pending OC/CC

Residents shared that they have filed an RTI to seek information on pending OC.

Golf Apex Avenue: Residents worried due to pending OC/CC

The residents of Golf Apex Avenue, a group housing society in sports city 1, Sector 1 Noida Extension, have raised the issue of pending registry of their flats. As per residents, the builder does not have an Occupancy Certificate / Completion certificate (OC/CC) of the society. Residents shared that they also filed an RTI to seek information on pending OC. However, there is no response from the Authority so far.

The possession started in the year 2018. More than 450 families live in the society in the five towers of the society.

Residents shared that the builder has left some work unfinished in the society and that is why the Greater Noida Authority has not issued the OC/CC. Meanwhile, residents share that there is a lack of basic amenities in the society.

On this subject, Yakshit Rautela says, “We wrote an application to the Greater Noida Authority in which we mentioned we live without basic amenities. The builder has encroached on basement 1 (parking area) for his personal use. There is a collision between the Authority and the builder due to which OC/CC are pending. Residents are facing a lot of problems because of this.”

Recently, a fire incident was also reported in society. Residents alleged that the fire alarm was not activated. Rautela added, “After many followups, the fire officer audited the society but to date, we have not received an inspection report. Moreover, the STP of our society is defunct, UPPCB also audited the STP but the same as fire, we have not received the inspection report. We do not understand what is going on. If the officer inspected the society, so why they did not share reports. This is a big question mark on the Authority.”

Residents allege that the builder is trying to sell the open parking of the society and the visitors vehicles are not allowed to park in the society premises. Vijay Singh, another resident of the society says, “when builder gave us possession, he said OC/CC is in progress and will be issued in a few months. In September 2021, they received a letter from the Greater Noida Authority that OC will not be provided because of the Sports City clause. Nearly 18% of amenities mentioned under the Sports City clause are pending. However, the majority of this land is taken up by the builder. Residents were not informed about this at all."

He adds, “while we took possession, we were asked to pay stamp paper amount to the Authority. We have already paid the stamp paper duty for our registry, which is more than 2 lakhs. The builder had promised that registry will start soon after paying the stamp paper amount."

CitySpidey tried reaching out to the builder but he was not available. We will update the story once we get a response.