A Sunday afternoon at Sunder Nursery
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A Sunday afternoon at Sunder Nursery

South Delhi's Sunder Nursery has become Delhi's favourite weekend getaway

A Sunday afternoon at Sunder Nursery

Making time for ourselves in the 21st century is as difficult as it is important. With increased screen time, it becomes very important to steal moments close to nature to revive our spirits. Sunder Nursery in South Delhi seems to have become a favourite for Delhites for relaxed weekend outings. This was my first time visiting the park after hearing a lot of praise.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, the birds were chirping, and the air quality seemed better than most days. Me, my friends and their dog went on a weekend gateway at Sunder nursery.

After experiencing a lot of hustle-bustle and traffic near Nizamuddin Dargah, we finally reached our destination. The sun rays felt a little hard on the day, but I was glad to soak the rays of the winter sun.

As soon as we entered the park with all the food baskets and our picnic preparation, I was astonished to see the crowd at Sundar nursery. People from different places and ages had gathered there to celebrate the sunny Sunday afternoon.

After the numerous struggles of the first two waves of the Pandemic, it felt refreshing to see people enjoying themselves in a way that seemed carefree. Walking around the beautifully manicured Sunder Nursery, with sprawling gardens and Humayun tombs to admire in the background, I saw children swinging, families eating together and friends bonding over hard laughter.

After all the waking, we finally opted for the best spot to sit and relax.

For me, Sundar Nursery was a refreshing experience and worthy of praise. Sunder Nursery is surely a well kept serene place to visit with your family to enjoy with friends and family. Thus, justifying why it become Delhi's hotspot for soaking the balmy rays of the Winter sun.

I also talked to some other Delhites to know about how they like the place-

Navya Thukral, 23, marketing executive says, "I was looking for a weekend gateway for quite long, and being a dog owner, it becomes difficult to find pet-friendly places. Sundar nursery is thus a blessing as my dog can also enjoy with other pets. The weather was excellent, and it was indeed the best Sunday weekend after a long time. It was calm and relaxing."

Divesh Thareja, 30, Photographer, told us, "It's been a month since my last visit to Sunder Nursery. The place has a lot of good spots to click pictures. The architecture of the historical Humayun stomp is worth the visit. This place has amazingly well-maintained greenery. I like visiting this place a lot, and being a photographer, Sundar nursery is irresistible."

Tenzin Wyangzom, 23, Video editor, says, "I went there with my sister and it was nice as I found space to relax there.

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There was a cute swing there, although it is so big that I could barely sit on the ride as I only covered 30% of the space. The cafes and restaurants there were super clean, much to my taste. It was indeed a fabulous day. I would want to go there again, but not on Sunday because it gets a little crowded."